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QuarkChain (QKC)

What's QuarkChain price? How much potential does it have? How to buy QuarkChain? And where can you buy it? Find answers to all of those as well as to many others questions related to it and discover cryptos in the same category. And see how QKC compares to Bitcoin based on its performance!
(Price data last updated about 7 hours ago)
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Data last updated about 7 hours ago
QKC All Time Low/High: €0.00123144 (+766%) / €0.289808 (-96%)
Current price
EUR Price
€ 0.0106643
Positive percentage
Negative percentage
14 days
Positive percentage
Negative percentage
Negative percentage
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Compare QKC and BTC performance

1h change0.241684 %0.508864 %
24h change2.14 %-1.94948 %
7 day change-5.16 %0.764258 %
14 day change23.24 %35.8266 %
30 day change-5.3 %13.0628 %
200 day change6.25 %29.4553 %
Year change-30.7 %-35.5078 %

How popular is QuarkChain cryptocurrency?

QuarkChain ranks 339th among all cryptocurrencies. It has a market cap of €72690324. The total trading volume within the last 24 hours was €6759500.

How much potential does it have?

How much can QuarkChain grow? It's hard to say how much potential this cryptocurrency has exactly, but based on its circulating supply (6,820,737,475), it can theoretically grow at least 6814x before it would become more popular than Bitcoin. This means that based on QKC maximum potential it could reach €72.6719 before it would have to overtake Bitcoin.

How to buy QuarkChain?

The easiest way to buy QKC is to use a cryptocurrency exchange. There are a lot of exchanges out there these days - both centralized and decentralized. And you can find this cryptocurrency in a number of exchanges these days. Currently there should be the very minimum of 20 QuarkChain exchanges available.
  • Find the exchanges that have QuarkChain listed (you can see most exchanges listed above)
  • Compare crypto exchanges you just found to find the best one
  • Create an account in the exchange
  • If the exchange requires KYC, go through their verification process
  • Choose a payment method
  • And now just make a deposit to buy the crypto or buy it directly without fiat landing on your account.
All exchanges are different, but in most cases you can use at least two different payment methods - you can transfer crypto there and use that to buy QKC, or you can use credit/debit card. Obviously, there are more options, but these are the most common ones.

Where can you buy it?

QKC should be listed in these exchanges: Additionally you can also find QKC from Bilaxy, BingX, BitBNS, Bitget, BitGlobal, Bithumb, Bitrue, CoinEx, Energiswap, LATOKEN, Nominex, Upbit, WazirX, XT.COM.

Where can I find more information about QuarkChain?

You can find more information about it through the crypto homepage and social media pages brought out on top of this page. And we always recommend you to do further research about the crypto yourself as well.

What is QuarkChain?

QuarkChain is a secure, permission-less, scalable, and decentralized blockchain. One of the goals of QuarkChain is to utilize sharding technology to deliver over 1 million transactions per second (tps). Essentially, QuarkChain markets itself as a peer-to-peer blockchain with a high capacity throughput to help deliver fast and secure decentralized applications. The team behind QuarkChain created this blockchain to resolve the issue of scalability that all the major blockchains are currently facing. The team feels that because of the urgency of this issue, the Bitcoin community simply cannot afford to wait until they all agree on a solution. Instead, they feel that by offering different solutions, such as the one inherent in QuarkChain, this compels the community to split via a hard fork and find the solution that works best.

QuarkChain encourages increased decentralization through multiple cheap nodes that then create a cluster that works as a super-full node. This prevents the high expenses associated with super-full nodes when the tps gets high. In terms of protection, all transactions within QuarkChain get the protection of 50 percent of the network’s hash power. This makes a double-spending attack incredibly challenging, particularly when combined with QuarkChain’s decentralized nature.

QuarkChain relies on a two-layer blockchain structure. Sharding blockchains known as shards are the first layer, while the second layer is a root blockchain that confirms the shards’ blocks.The major work on QuarkChain began in Q2 2017 with research into the problem of blockchain scalability. In Q4 of that year, the team drafted the whitepaper. In February 2018, it released the white paper and completed verification code 0.1. March 2018 saw the 0.1 versions of both the wallet and testnet. Now in Q2, the team is working on the testnet 1.0 and smart contract 0.1. In Q4 2018, the team will have the QuarkChain Core 1.0, along with the mainnet 1.0 and the SmartWallet 1.0. By Q2 2019, both the SmartWallet and QuarkChain Core will be in their 2.0 versions.

QuarkChain is a decentralized blockchain network that aims to resolve the issues of scalability that plague existing networks by using sharding technology. In this way, QuarkChain can dramatically extend the usefulness of blockchain technology since many applications are limited by the scalability of existing blockchain networks. The project is still in progress, but QuarkChain has already made many positive steps and already began invite-based beta testing for the testnet, showing significant progress and potential.

The main features of Quarkchain are:

1. Reshardable two-layered blockchain: Quarkchain consists of two layers of blockchains. We apply elastic sharding blockchains (shards) as the first layer, and a root blockchain as the second layer that confirms the blocks from the first layer. The second layer that confirms the blocks from the first layer. The second layer is flexible to be resharded as needed without changing the root layer.

2. Guaranteed security by market-driven collaborative mining: To ensure the security of all transactions, a game-theoretic framework is designed for incentives, where at least 50% of overall hash powers are allocated to the root chain to prevent double spending attack on any transactions.

3. Anti-centralized horizontal scalability: In any blockchain network with a high TPS, a super-full node can be extremely expensive, which encourages centralization. In contrast, QuarkChain allows multiple cheap nodes forming a cluster to replace a super-full node.

4. Efficient cross-shard transactions: Cross-shard transactions in QuarkChain can be issued at any time, and confirmed in minutes. The speed of cross-shard transactions increases linearly as the number of shards increases.

5. Simple account management: There is only one account needed for the entire blockchain (shards) in QuarkChain. All cryptocurrencies from different shards are stored in one smart wallet.

Market Cap: €72690324 Rank: #339Volume: €6759500

QuarkChain (QKC) live price chart

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Latest Tweets by QuarkChain

How big was QuarkChain coin volume within the last 24h?
QuarkChain (QKC) last recorded volume was € 6759500.
How much has QuarkChain price changed during one year?
QKC price has changed during the last year -30.7 %.
Is QKC coin close to its All Time High price?
QKC all time high price (ath) is €0.289808. Its current price is €0.0106643. This means that the difference between QuarkChain (QKC) All Time High price and QKC current price is -96%.
What is the maximum price QuarkChain (QKC) could VERY theoretically reach?
QKC has a current circulating supply of 6,820,737,475. Based on our calculation QKC could reach up to €72.6719 before it would have to overtake Bitcoin. So in theory the potential for growth is 6814x its current value (€0.0106643). However, keep in mind that the coin's actual potential is based on the value it provides to the user. So this is just a logical maximum potential price calculation for QuarkChain and in no way is it a prediction of any kind, far from it.
Where can you buy QuarkChain?
QuarkChain is currently listed on at least these crypto exchanges: Upbit, Binance, Bitget, Bithumb, Bitrue, Hotbit, BingX,, CoinEx, KuCoin, Nominex, Bilaxy, LATOKEN, XT.COM, MEXC Global, Energiswap, WazirX, BitGlobal, BitBNS, HitBTC and possibly some others.