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Sai (SAI)

What's Sai price? How much potential does it have? How to buy Sai? And where can you buy it? Find answers to all of those as well as to many others questions related to it and discover cryptos in the same category. And see how SAI compares to Bitcoin based on its performance!
(Price data last updated about 9 hours ago)


Data last updated about 9 hours ago
SAI All Time Low/High: €0.767069 (+994%) / €20.85 (-60%)
Current price
EUR Price
€ 8.39
Negative percentage
Negative percentage
14 days
Negative percentage
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Negative percentage
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Compare SAI and BTC performance

1h change0.273944 %-0.0956073 %
24h change-0.14 %0.923532 %
7 day change-1.89 %-1.60203 %
14 day change0 %25.6214 %
30 day change9.94 %18.6198 %
200 day change0 %34.6252 %
Year change0 %-35.9143 %

How popular is Sai cryptocurrency?

Sai ranks 655th among all cryptocurrencies. It has a market cap of €25326400. The total trading volume within the last 24 hours was €8.41.

How much potential does it have?

How much can Sai grow? It's hard to say how much potential this cryptocurrency has exactly, but based on its circulating supply (3,022,080), it can theoretically grow at least 19781x before it would become more popular than Bitcoin. This means that based on SAI maximum potential it could reach €165964 before it would have to overtake Bitcoin.

How to buy Sai?

The easiest way to buy SAI is to use a cryptocurrency exchange. There are a lot of exchanges out there these days - both centralized and decentralized. And you can find this cryptocurrency in a number of exchanges these days. Currently there should be the very minimum of 1 Sai exchanges available.
  • Find the exchanges that have Sai listed (you can see most exchanges listed above)
  • Compare crypto exchanges you just found to find the best one
  • Create an account in the exchange
  • If the exchange requires KYC, go through their verification process
  • Choose a payment method
  • And now just make a deposit to buy the crypto or buy it directly without fiat landing on your account.
All exchanges are different, but in most cases you can use at least two different payment methods - you can transfer crypto there and use that to buy SAI, or you can use credit/debit card. Obviously, there are more options, but these are the most common ones.

Where can you buy it?

SAI should be listed in these exchanges: Uniswap (v2).

Where can I find more information about Sai?

You can find more information about it through the crypto homepage and social media pages brought out on top of this page. And we always recommend you to do further research about the crypto yourself as well.

When was SAI created?

According to our information SAI was created 18th December 2017.

What is Sai?

Dai is a stablecoin. It is an Ethereum ERC20 token that is pegged to $1 USD — every Dai is worth $1, and will always be worth $1, regardless of how much Dai is in existence. There is no centralized authority like Tether that backs its value, and no traditional bank that backs each Dai with a real US dollar. There is nothing that can be shut down, and no centralized authority that needs to be trusted. Dai lives entirely within the Ethereum blockchain using smart contracts.

*Features of Dai:
1. Dai is always worth $1 USD each
2. It can be freely traded like any other ERC20 token
3. Anyone with an Ethereum wallet can own, accept, and transfer it
4. It can be exchanged without any middleman
5. No individual person or company has control over it
6. No government or authority can shut it down

*How Dai Works?
Dai is a masterpiece of game theory that carefully balances economic incentives in the pursuit of one goal — a token that is continuously approaching the value of $1 USD.

When Dai is worth above $1, mechanisms work to decrease the price. When Dai is worth below $1, mechanisms work to increase the price. The rational actors that take part in these mechanisms do so because they earn money anytime Dai is not perfectly worth $1. This is why Dai is always floating slightly above or below $1 — it is an endless wave function bouncing infinitely close to $1, but never quite achieving it. The farther Dai goes from $1, the more incentive there is to fix it. This is the magic of Dai.

*How is Dai Created?
Dai is simply a loan against Ethereum. By using the MakerDAO dApp, advanced users can take loans out in Dai against their ETH holdings.

First, ETH is turned into “wrapped ETH” (WETH), which is simply an ERC20 wrapping around ETH. This “tokenizes” ETH so it can be used like any other ERC20 token. Next, WETH is turned into “pooled ETH” (PETH), which means it joins a large pool of Ethereum that is the collateral for all Dai created. Once you have PETH, you can create a “collateralized debt position” (CDP), which locks up your PETH and allows you to draw Dai against your collateral, which is PETH. As you draw out Dai, the ratio of debt in the CDP increases. There is a debt limit that sets a maximum amount of Dai you can draw against your CDP. Once you have Dai, you can spend or trade it freely like any other ERC20 token.

*There are several important reasons why you would create Dai, despite the hassle:

1. You need a loan, and have an asset (ETH) to use as collateral for your loan

2. You believe ETH is going up in value. You can use your CDP to buy ETH on margin — you lock up your ETH in a CDP, draw Dai against it, use the Dai to buy more ETH on an exchange, and then use that ETH to further increase the size of your CDP. This can be accomplished without any third-party or centralized authority allowing you to do so — margin trading can be accomplished entirely on the blockchain.

3. The demand for Dai has driven the price above $1 USD. When this occurs, you can create Dai then immediately sell it on an exchange for greater than $1 USD. This is essentially free money, and is one of the mechanisms the Maker system uses to keep Dai pegged to $1 USD. Dai being worth over $1 USD encourages more Dai to be created.
These three reasons are enough to ensure that Dai is continually created.

Market Cap: €25326400 Rank: #655Volume: €8.41
Crypto launched2017-12-18

Sai (SAI) live price chart

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Latest Tweets by Sai

How big was Sai coin volume within the last 24h?
Sai (SAI) last recorded volume was € 8.41.
How much has Sai price changed during one year?
SAI price has changed during the last year 0 %.
Is SAI coin close to its All Time High price?
SAI all time high price (ath) is €20.85. Its current price is €8.39. This means that the difference between Sai (SAI) All Time High price and SAI current price is -60%.
What is the maximum price Sai (SAI) could VERY theoretically reach?
SAI has a current circulating supply of 3,022,080. Based on our calculation SAI could reach up to €165964 before it would have to overtake Bitcoin. So in theory the potential for growth is 19781x its current value (€8.39). However, keep in mind that the coin's actual potential is based on the value it provides to the user. So this is just a logical maximum potential price calculation for Sai and in no way is it a prediction of any kind, far from it.
Where can you buy Sai?
Sai is currently listed on at least these crypto exchanges: Uniswap (v2) and possibly some others.