All about Cryptolorium

If you have decided to learn more about cryptocurrencies, you have come to the right place. Cryptolorium is meant for people just starting their journey in the world of cryptocurrencies. We help you learn about different cryptos & crypto trading and find the best cryptocurrency exchanges and platforms to get started.

I created Cryptolorium to create a simple site about cryptocurrencies for myself. As time went by, I decided that I might as well make the site available for everyone else.

What started as a simple tool to follow the prices of my crypto portfolio grew into a full-blown site.

Or well, hopefully it will. At this point I'd say we're at version 0.23.

Cryptolorium - crypto hub for me and you

I created Cryptolorium initially just for myself to keep track of crypto prices and my cryptocurrency portfolios across all exchanges and crypto wallets.

And do it exactly the way I want to.

As the idea grew, I decided to turn it into a website for everyone interested in cryptocurrencies and investing in cryptos.

How can Cryptolorium help me?

Cryptolorium is still in its baby shoes, according to me, right now the site is in ver. 0.23. Just because there's still so much I want to do.

What does Cryptolorium offer right now?

  • Live crypto prices and live crypto charts for every crypto out there
  • Lots of different crypto lists. From penny crypto lists to high value crypto lists to everything else.
  • When you check the crypto page, i.e. Bitcoin, you can also see all the similar cryptos based on their price or even price movements. That's something I missed myself on most other crypto sites.
  • Informational articles. I do my best to offer you as good content as possible and I write as much as my time and knowledge allows. The initial idea was to launch with hundreds of more articles about cryptocurrencies and order many of them from freelance crypto writers. Unfortunately the quality of the few articles I did order is, let's say 'unreliable'.

Cryptolorium Account - keep an eye on your crypto holdings

Additionally you can create yourself a totally free cryptolorium account which offers you a (manual) way to keep an eye on your crypto holdings across all cryptocurrency exchanges and wallets.

You can't buy or sell cryptos through Cryptolorium, but you can keep an eye on everything through Cryptolorium.

Here are some of the features:
  • Add all the cryptos you buy to your portfolio
  • Keep track of their live price and percentage changes
  • Get automatic emails when your portfolio value has changed by X percent
  • Get automatic emails when any individual crypto value in your portfolio has changed by X percent

What new can be expected before 2022?

I won't make any promises, but here are some new things you can expect soon(ish):
  • Crypto news section
  • Crypto blog section
  • Crypto calculators section. That's definitely needed. Simple crypto earnings APY calculators, compounding interest calculator and...well anything else that comes to mind.
  • Lots of reviews of different cryptocurrency exchanges and CFD trading platforms
  • Reviews of a few great crypto gambling sites

As I'm working on Cryptolorium as time allows and as new ideas come to mind, I'm sure there will be much more.

Until then, if you have suggestions, ideas or found a bad bug somewhere, feel free to drop me an email. Can't promise it will do anything, but then again, can't promise it won't either.

Our Goals

The goal of Cryptolorium is to actually be helpful for someone interested in cryptocurrencies. That's it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Our Mission

The mission is to reach the starts, obviously!

Our Values

Honesty above all.

Our Team

Cryptolorium team is comprised of ... well, me, the developer, designer, and possibly the only visitor of this site.

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