Crypto Calculators

Easily calculate your crypto profits
Crypto profit calculators of all types. Calculate crypto profit based on your buy price and current price, based on historic price (the "what if" calculator), calculate crypto profit based on your dream increase. And much more. I have created a lot of different useful as well as just fun crypto calculators.

Crypto calculators – calculate everything related to cryptos like a pro!

On this page you can find numerous crypto calculators. Some are already ready – some crypto calculators I’m still working on. But all these cryptocurrency calculators can be found here very soon!

  1. Crypto APY calculator
  2. Maximum potential profit calculator
  3. Crypto Rebalance bot return calculator
  4. Crypto to fiat calculator
  5. Fiat to crypto calculator
  6. Crypto profit calculator

Other crypto calculators you might be interested in

Below you can find some other crypto calculator ideas you could be interested in. But so far I haven't created them yet for one reason or another. Maybe at some point they will be here, maybe not.
  • Crypto tax calculator. I haven't created this yet, because cryptos are taxed very differently around the globe, and in most cases the simplest possible crypto tax calculator wouldn't really help you at all.
  • Crypto Would-have earnings calculator. The wishful thinking calculator. What if you would have invested X amount in X crypto on X year. I haven't created that crypto calculator yet simply because it lacks any practical value. But maybe I will do it at some point, just for fun.
  • Crypto Margin Bot calculator. Most likely this calculator will be done at some point. But I'll need to figure out how I want to do it first.
  • Crypto auto-invest calculator. If you would invest X amount every day/week/month, how much of one crypto you'd have now? The calculator sounds very simple, but the details matter. And if you wanted to see how much of that crypto you'd have in three years with auto-invest, it's actually very difficult to calculate - simply because the prices of the cryptos change a lot all the time. And just creating a calculator to tell you how much your total investment would be if you invested 100 bucks a month doesn't sound too useful.
  • Crypto Compounding Calculator. At this point I don't see a need for it. It really depends on the crypto products offered. And compounding feature is already included in my APY calculator.
  • Passive crypto income calculator. How much would you have to invest, and what would have to be the minimum average return, for you to be able to take out X month every month. Once I figure out a good logic for it, I'll get it done.

Why use crypto calculators?

Crypto calculators can help you calculate your potential profits and potential losses. Some of these calculators will also show you how much you “could have” earned.

Some of them show you the potential of how much you still could earn if the crypto price would increase a certain amount.

There are also calculators that help you see how much some crypto strategy might earn you in the long run.

Do these crypto calculators guarantee any returns?

Absolutely not. Nobody can guarantee you any returns. While some calculators like crypto to fiat calculator really shows you how much some crypto is worth in specific fiat currency, other cryptocurrency calculators found on this page will just show you the potential of what you could have made or what you still could make under specific market conditions.