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Crypto trading fees - what to expect?

Trading fees comparison
Before you start trading cryptos, make sure you're aware of all possible costs and fees related to crypto trading.

Cryptocurrency trading fees

Trading cryptocurrencies either via some crypto trading platform or cryptocurrency exchange is not free.

Here are the most common types of fees you're expected to pay.

Deposit & withdrawal fees

Normally deposits and withdrawals to and from cryptocurrency exchange are not free.

The fees can be anywhere from just 30 cents to 3, 4 or even 10% of your deposit/withdrawal.

You can see some deposit & withdrawal fee comparisons below:

DetailsCardFiat DepositFiat WithdrawalInstant Buy
BinanceBinance offers many options for payments depending on your location, includong bank transfer, credit and debit cards and Apple Pay. 1.8%1.8%1% (VISA)0.50%
Bittrex-3%Free or up to $25Free or up to $253%
CoinbaseCoinbase fees can be quite overwhelming to understand. And what we found about crypto withdrawals and minimums, we can only tell you that the fee is 1% plus network fee. No information about the minimums.2.49% - 3.99%€0.15 Free or up to $25Up to 3.99%
Kraken-3.75% + $/€0.25Free or up to $/€ 10Free or up to $/€ 350.9% - 1.5%
Kucoin-3% - 12%Free to 3%n/a yet3% - 12%

Trading fees

You are also charged a fee for every trade you make. The fees are usually called maker fees and taker fees.

One is the fee for buying crypto and the other for selling it.

The exact trading fees depends a lot on the exchange/platform, but generally the base fees are each anywhere between 0.1% and 1.5% of the trade amount.

The fees can be lowered based on your monthly trading volume.

Compare trading fees below:

MakerTakerFee discounts
Binance0.1%0.1%If you pay with fees with BNB, you automatically get a 20% fee discount.
Gate.io0.2%0.2%If you pay the fees with KCS, you pay 30%-70% less trading fees.
Kucoin0.1%0.1%Pay for fees with KCS to lower your fees.

Exchange fees

There can also be other fees in the cryptocurrency exchange. So make sure you read the fine print in the exchange you decide to join.


Spreads are maybe not so important when choosing the crypto trading exchange, but they are very important when you're trading crypto on some CFD trading platform.

Different crypto trading platforms can also have different spreads and sometimes part of the commission/fee can be hidden there.

Spread is the difference between buy and sell price.

For example the buying price for Bitcoin can be $50 000 while selling price can be $49 500.

Just an example.

Spreads can be fixed, but they can also change should the market conditions be very volatile.

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