What are the most popular crypto trading pairs?

What are the most popular cryptocurrency pairs to trade? And what does a cryptocurrency pair mean anyway?

When you trade crypto, you always trade one currency for another. Be it fiat/crypto or crypto/crypto.

The most popular crypto trading pairs are fiat/crypto, meaning pairs where you buy or sell some cryptocurrency for some real currency such as USD or EUR.

The most popular cyrpto trading pairs right

  • BTC/USD - so trading Bitcoin against US dollar.
  • ETH/USD - trading Ethereum against US dollar.
  • LTC/USD - trading Litecoin against US dollar
  • XRP/USD - trading Ripple against US dollar
  • BTTN/USD - trading BitTorrent against US dollar
  • DENT/USD - trading Dent against US dollar
  • DOGE/USD - trading Dogecoin against US dollar
  • VET/USD - trading VeChain against US dollar

When it comes to popular trading pairs where you trade one crypto for another, then currently the most popular crypto to crypto trading pairs are:

  • BNB/BTC - trading Binance Coin against BTC
  • BTC/ETH - trading Bitcoin against Ethereum
  • BTC/LTC - trading Bitcoin against Litecoin
  • USDT/BTC - trading Tether against Bitcoin
  • ETH/LTC - trading Ethereum against Litecoin

Why trade popular pairs?

Obviously, you don't necessarily need to trade popular pairs, but trading popular cryptocurrency pairs gives you at least some sort of safety. Safety in the sense that you can always trade immediately without having to wait for interested buyers or sellers.

Popular pairs are traded a lot, for hundreds of millions or billions each and every day.

Some very unpopular cryptos might trade for $25 a day. So obviously there's not much action going on there.

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