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Best Fiat to Crypto exchanges

Exchanges that allow you to deposit and withdraw fiat money
Find the best fiat exchanges that allow deposits and withdrawals with fiat money. Fiat crypto exchanges make are the perfect choice if you want to deposit and withdraw money using your bank account.
Deposit and withdraw fiat in these exchanges
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Exchanges that offer fiat withdrawal option

Best fiat crypto exchanges 2023

Which are the best fiat crypto exchanges? In this list you will see which crypto exchanges accept fiat as a payment method for both – deposits and withdrawals.


minimum deposit €2, SEPA and credit card
limited amount of cryptos available, US accepted
only BRL and ARS fiat accepted

Through third-party providers
minimum just €1
minimum just $2
Kucoin started offering fiat deposits and withdrawals just recently
min deposit €20/$50

In our opinion these are the Best Fiat to Crypto Exchanges. Now let’s take a closer look at all these exchanges with fiat withdrawal option (in a random order).

1. Binance

In my opinion the best fiat crypto exchange is an exchange that doesn’t just offer fiat deposits and withdrawals, but is good also in other aspects. And Binance fits the bill. Binance is one of the most popular fiat exchanges in the world.

2. Gemini

Gemini is mostly popular in the United States. While this fiat-to-crypto exchange doesn’t have a huge crypto choice, just over 70 cryptocurrencies, it’s an exchange regulated by the New York State Deparment of Financial Services (NYDFS).

3. Bybit

Is Bybit the best crypto exchange for fiat withdrawal? As a fiat exchange, at this point not really. Mainly because right now Bybit only offers payments in two fiat currences – ARS (Argentine peso ) and BRL (Brazilian real). So for most people in the world Bybit isn’t a fiat exachange.

4. Huobi

Huobi offers deposits and withdrawals in 9 different fiat currencies - USD, EUR, GBP, TRY, RUB, VND, UAH, KZT, and BRL. The withdrawal limits vary. In case of USD the minimum withdrawal is $1000. Bybit fiat deposit limit is $3,200/24h.

5. Hotbit

Hotbit isn’t an exchange mostly known for its fiat withdrawals, but you can deposit and withdraw fiat in Huobi nevertheless. But all Hotbit fiat payments go through third party providers.

6. Kraken

Kraken is actually known for it’s fiat deposit and fiat withdrawal option. Minimum fiat deposit is just €1/$1, but the minimum actually depends on the exact payment method. Kraken can be used both in Europe and it United States.

7. Coinbase

Coinbase has made it simple for everyone to make fiat deposits as well as withdrawals – and Coinbase is also a fiat exchange that can be used in both the United States as well as in Europe.

8. Kucoin

Kucoin started offering fiat payment option just recently. You can use bank transfer (SEPA), or Visa/Mastercard. Transfer amount from 1 eur. Kucoin fiat withdrawals can be done using bank transfer or Advcash.

9. Bittrex

Bittrex accepts bank transfers and credit card payment option as well. But the minimum fiat deposit amount in Bittrex is $50 or €20.

What is best crypto exchange for fiat deposit?

Now that I have brought out some very nice exchanges that accept fiat payments, but which of them is the very best? Which of them is THE best crypto exchange for fiat withdrawal?

In my personal opinion it’s Binance exchange.

But finding the best fiat exchange for you depends on your country of residence as well. Because not all exchanges accept traders from all countries.

So let’s see what might be the best fiat exchanges in different continents or countries.

Best fiat to crypto exchange in Europe

The best fiat crypto exchange in Europe is most likely Coinbase. At least based on all sorts of fiat exchange reviews. However, in my personal opinion the best European fiat crypto exchange is Binance.

Best fiat to crypto exchange in Asia

The best fiat to crypto exchanges in Asia are probably Huobi and Kucoin.

Best fiat to crypto exchange in United States

The best fiat exchanges in the United States are probably Coinbase, Kraken, Gemini.

Best fiat to crypto exchange in Canada

What might be the best fiat to crypto exchange in Canada? Based on everything we’ve found, best fiat exchanges for Canadians might be also Kraken, Coinbase, Gemini and also Binance.

Best fiat to crypto exchange in Australia

For aussie traders the best fiat to crypto exchange is most likely Binance, followed Kraken.

Best fiat to crypto exchange in Singapore

The best fiat exchanges in Singapore are Gemini, Coinbase, Kraken, and also Luno.

What are fiat exchanges?

In most simple terms, fiat exchanges are crypto exchanges that allow fiat withdrawals as well as fiat deposits.

What is fiat money?

Fiat is the term to regular currencies like USD, EUR, or any other government-backed classic currency.

Why is fiat called fiat? Fiat currency gets its name from a Latin word that means “determination by authority.” The Latin word is often also translated as “it shall be” or “let it be done” and when it comes to fiat money, the term references the fact that fiat currencies only have value because the governments maintain that value.

Why choose fiat exchange?

Exchanges with fiat currency allow you to exchange fiat for crypto and exchange crypto for fiat.

This means that you can buy cryptocurrencies using traditional payment methods like bank transfer or credit card, and withdraw money the same way as well.

If you’re just getting started with cryptocurrencies, then the entire crypto space might look very confusing. Getting started in a fiat based crypto exchanges makes your first steps so much easier.

And I’d say that’s the main reason to choose fiat exchange

How do we review fiat crypto exchanges?

We review fiat crypto exchanges the same way we review all other exchanges. We mainly pay attention the the following aspects:

  • Security
  • Popularity
  • Payment methods
  • Fees
  • Crypto selection

You can read more about our exchange review process here.

How to create an account in fiat crypto exchange

The exact account creation process depends on the exchange, but mostly it goes like this:

  1. You choose the exchange
  2. You press the sign up button
  3. You enter your email address and/or phone number
  4. You verify your email/phone (you’ll be sent a message)
  5. You choose your username and password
  6. These are the things you need to enter in any exchange.

But in case of fiat exchanges, you definitely now need to go through the KYC process as well. At least if you want to use the exchange to deposit and withdraw fiat money.

During the KYC process you are normally asked these things:

  • Your full real name
  • Date of birth
  • Copy of your ID
  • Proof of your address

You can read more about crypto exchange KYC process here.

Are fiat crypto exchanges safe?

As always, it depends on the exact exchange, and before depositing any money anywhere, we recommend you do your own due diligence.

But generally speaking, fiat exchanges are probably safer than non-fiat exchanges simply because of the mandatory KYC process.

Other topics related to fiat crypto exchanges

What are the things you should pay close attention to when choosing the best cryptocurrency exchange with fiat currency?

If crypto exchange accepts fiat deposits, do they they also accept fiat withdrawals?

Not necessarily. There are a number of exchanges where you can use fiat money to buy cryptocurrencies using their Direct Buy option. But in many of these exchanges fiat money never lands in your exchange account.

Instead, you use the money on your bank account or credit card to buy a cryptocurrency directly.

If the exchange offers only such fiat “deposit” option, then it’s very likely that the exchange does not offer fiat withdrawals.

On this page, all the Best Exchanges for Fiat-to-Crypto offer both – fiat deposits and fiat withdrawals.

Are there no-KYC fiat to crypto exchanges?

There definitely are. But as a rule of thumb, if the exchange deals with fiat money, they are required (by law) to ask you to go through the KYC process.

That’s the case even in case of the exchanges where fiat money never land on your exchange account. These exchanges use third-party fiat payment providers and they require you to verify your identity before you can use them.

How to withdraw money from crypto exchange to bank account?

So how to withdraw crypto to my bank account? Well, not mine, but to your own.

If you want to withdraw money to your bank account, the process is pretty straight-forward.

  1. Make sure you have fiat money on your exchange account
  2. Go your wallet area
  3. Click withdraw
  4. Click fiat
  5. Choose withdrawal method
  6. Choose amount
  7. Fill in all the details
  8. And press submit

Keep in mind that the exact steps you need to make in the exchange to withdraw fiat can vary by a few details. And you can only withdraw fiat to your bank account if you have previously verified your identity.


Hopefully I have managed to help you a bit to find the best exchange to withdraw fiat. Fiat exchanges or fiat-to-crypto exchanges are perfect for getting started with cryptos. Fiat deposits and fiat withdrawal option makes it so much easier to buy cryptos and get your money out of the exchange.

But keep in mind that exchanges that offer fiat withdrawal option normally require you to go through KYC process right away. So you need to be prepared for it.

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Author: Siim Einfeldt
I became interested in cryptocurrencies only a bit more than two years ago. Since then I have been in investing in cryptos using different exchanges. And I also launched when I started trading, just to share my crypto journey and my results.

Quick answers to frequently asked questions

Which exchanges offer fiat withdrawals?
There are a number of great exchanges that offer fiat withdrawals - exchanges like Binance, Kucoin, and Kraken are just a few of them.
What is fiat money?
Fiat is the term to regular currencies like USD, EUR, or any other government-backed classic currency.
What is a fiat exchange?
Fiat exchange is a cryptocurrency exchanges that allows you deposit and withdraw using your bank account, credit/debit card, or any other payment option.