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Find all cryptos related to finance
Are you looking finance cryptos? What are the world's best known finance cryptocurrencies? Read on to find out, and discover the best finance cryptos list below.
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Top 10 finance cryptocurrencies

What are finance cryptos? Find the top 10 finance cryptocurrencies based on their market cap below.

RankCryptoPrice24h changeOne month changeExchanges
72Kava coin logoKava (KAVA)€0.7310140.494685%16.0004%
108cETH coin logocETH (CETH)€39.772.45442%17.3955%Uniswap (v3), Uniswap (v2)
117cWBTC coin logocWBTC (CWBTC)€732.722.50509%13.1378%
124NEXO coin logoNEXO (NEXO)€0.7188881.00471%15.0382%
207Polymath coin logoPolymath (POLY)€0.2027367.89581%-30.9599%
219SwissBorg coin logoSwissBorg (BORG)€0.172468-4.57324%-9.27902%
248cUSDC coin logocUSDC (CUSDC)€0.0213189-0.0797516%-1.27242%Uniswap (v2), Balancer (v1)
254UMA coin logoUMA (UMA)€1.78-0.024314%27.5537%
268STASIS EURO coin logoSTASIS EURO (EURS)€0.9995630.224266%0.576106%
497LCX coin logoLCX (LCX)€0.063996-0.369973%71.5603%

All cryptos related to finance

Here's the full list of cryptocurrencies related to finance in Cryptolorium database. Please note that we are constantly adding new category tags to the cryptos in our databases and whenever you see a crypto related to finance, but not marked as such, we welcome you to make the suggestion (you can find the button on each individual coin page).

RankCryptoPrice24h changeOne month changeExchanges
0Aave BAT v1 coin logoAave BAT v1 (ABAT)€0.213249-3.93222%11.3921%Sushiswap, BKEX, Bilaxy
0Aave BUSD v1 coin logoAave BUSD v1 (ABUSD)€0.915767-0.436267%-2.67133%
0Acash Coin (ACA)€0.000000009710%0%c
0Aave DAI v1 coin logoAave DAI v1 (ADAI)€0.915325-0.49167%-2.49524%Uniswap (v2)
1552Aidos Kuneen coin logoAidos Kuneen (ADK)€0.0726970%152.349%STEX, FatBTC
0Aave ETH v1 coin logoAave ETH v1 (AETH)€00%0%
0Aave KNC v1 coin logoAave KNC v1 (AKNC)€0.6677411.1778%-5.04453%
2477Akropolis coin logoAkropolis (AKRO)€0.005395940.74601%0.23523%
0Aave LINK v1 coin logoAave LINK v1 (ALINK)€14.530.847019%40.0491%
0Altmarkets Coin coin logoAltmarkets Coin (ALTM)€0.000154490%0%c
0Aave MANA v1 coin logoAave MANA v1 (AMANA)€0.4109410.99311%10.8797%
0AMIS coin logoAMIS (AMIS)€0.003297540%22.6406%
0Aave MKR v1 coin logoAave MKR v1 (AMKR)€1393.53-2.17662%12.5395%
0ArdCoin coin logoArdCoin (ARDX)€0.00340185-5.32698%-25.521%
0Aave SNX v1 coin logoAave SNX v1 (ASNX)€3.56.33334%57.1591%
0Aave SUSD v1 coin logoAave SUSD v1 (ASUSD)€0.910936-1.03231%-2.29231%
0Aave TUSD v1 coin logoAave TUSD v1 (ATUSD)€0.911936-0.418509%-2.04687%
0Aave USDC v1 coin logoAave USDC v1 (AUSDC)€0.9124440.042075%-2.21177%
0Aave USDT v1 coin logoAave USDT v1 (AUSDT)€0.9155070.0225558%-1.81799%
0Aave WBTC v1 coin logoAave WBTC v1 (AWBTC)€357730.599135%11.2774%
0Alldex Alliance coin logoAlldex Alliance (AXA)€0.0000007878340%0%
0Azbit coin logoAzbit (AZ)€0.0000006686110%0%Azbit, YoBit
0Aave ZRX v1 coin logoAave ZRX v1 (AZRX)€0.37415-0.402948%58.7585%
3724B21 coin logoB21 (B21)€0.000204360%0%Uniswap (v2), PancakeSwap (v2)
3052Banca coin logoBanca (BANCA)€0.00000650%-22.7586%Uniswap (v2)
985BABB coin logoBABB (BAX)€0.000157311.6245%-16.1574%
2463BnkToTheFuture coin logoBnkToTheFuture (BFT)€0.0016892319.5274%20.3409%
0BitCash coin logoBitCash (BITC)€0.00061803-3.98102%13.3481%FinexBox, TradeOgre, SafeTrade, Bibox
2119Bloom coin logoBloom (BLT)€0.01937490.445568%133.774%Uniswap (v2), Sushiswap
0Bankera coin logoBankera (BNK)€0.1553023.02774%-0.286302%
2309Bankroll Network coin logoBankroll Network (BNKR)€
219SwissBorg coin logoSwissBorg (BORG)€0.172468-4.57324%-9.27902%
0Bytus coin logoBytus (BYTS)€0.004777790%0%c
0CARAT coin logoCARAT (CARAT)€0.9154130%0%
638cBAT coin logocBAT (CBAT)€0.004472872.90847%12.5816%
2157Conceal coin logoConceal (CCX)€0.04658082.15908%48.8226%TradeOgre
108cETH coin logocETH (CETH)€39.772.45442%17.3955%Uniswap (v3), Uniswap (v2)
0Crypto Holding Frank coin logoCrypto Holding Frank (CHFT)€0.1342240.189798%-25.1281%Bitci, XT.COM
1415cLINK coin logocLINK (CLINK)€0.2982222.3435%40.794%PancakeSwap (v2)
0CoinLoan coin logoCoinLoan (CLT)€0.6616440.157614%-18.3038%
3051CoTrader coin logoCoTrader (COT)€0.00000796-1.58567%34.7897%Bancor (V2), Uniswap (v2)
0Chainpay coin logoChainpay (CPAY)€0.0791541.75881%12.3607%FinexBox
0Cryptocean coin logoCryptocean (CRON)€0.0519050%0%EXMO
1526Crypterium coin logoCrypterium (CRPT)€0.04175046.331%5.79282%
0Cryptorg coin logoCryptorg (CTG)€0.123288.3411%77.4116%PancakeSwap (v2)
0Citadel coin logoCitadel (CTL)€0.0032647-8.29675%45.2992%FinexBox
772cUNI coin logocUNI (CUNI)€0.112480.277161%27.4315%
248cUSDC coin logocUSDC (CUSDC)€0.0213189-0.0797516%-1.27242%Uniswap (v2), Balancer (v1)
117cWBTC coin logocWBTC (CWBTC)€732.722.50509%13.1378%
1700c0x coin logoc0x (CZRX)€0.00759052-1.60569%53.2739%S
1267Etherisc DIP coin logoEtherisc DIP (DIP)€0.0166657-0.624814%22.7957%
3245DMM: Governance coin logoDMM: Governance (DMG)€0.000978390%-36.213%
0Metaverse DNA coin logoMetaverse DNA (DNA)€0.00000550%-94.5952%OKX
3838Dowcoin coin logoDowcoin (DOW)€0.000028860%0%c
2892Dether coin logoDether (DTH)€0.002099630%0%c
0eFIN coin logoeFIN (EFIN)€0.00004210%0%c
3730NestEgg Coin coin logoNestEgg Coin (EGG)€0.00011261-1.20615%9.12421%Graviex, FinexBox, Birake
0EnterCoin coin logoEnterCoin (ENTRC)€0.000322760%0%c
958Ethix coin logoEthix (ETHIX)€0.187313-2.4341%8.94041%Ubeswap, Uniswap (v2), Bilaxy
0EtherSmart coin logoEtherSmart (ETM)€0.01062080%-1.7452%BitGlobal
643Electroneum coin logoElectroneum (ETN)€0.001709391.3614%2.55515%
0etor coin logoetor (ETOR)€0.004530150%0%
268STASIS EURO coin logoSTASIS EURO (EURS)€0.9995630.224266%0.576106%
3350Everex coin logoEverex (EVX)€0.002910142.08717%12.3867%
0EveryCoin coin logoEveryCoin (EVY)€0.000004740.06001%0.84617%LATOKEN, ProBit Global
0EazyPayZa coin logoEazyPayZa (EZPAY)€0.009883410%0%c
0FOREXCOIN coin logoFOREXCOIN (FOREX)€0.000009490%0.231548%YoBit
1576Fringe Finance coin logoFringe Finance (FRIN)€0.00327158-9.75787%85.1344%
3067FintruX coin logoFintruX (FTX)€0.00171023-1.55652%13.8692%Bancor (V2), Uniswap (v2)
3246FXPay coin logoFXPay (FXP)€0.00031270%0%c
3521FuzeX coin logoFuzeX (FXT)€0.000031260%0%c
0Fixed Trade Coin coin logoFixed Trade Coin (FXTC)€0.03336710%-0.0804709%Graviex
1768RigoBlock coin logoRigoBlock (GRG)€0.3297858.61291%-68.054%Uniswap (v3), Loopring AMM
0Global Trust Coin coin logoGlobal Trust Coin (GTC)€0.314530%0%
1253HEdpAY coin logoHEdpAY (HDP.ф)€0.1001160%0%XT.COM
0HedgeTrade coin logoHedgeTrade (HEDG)€0.0149054-2.29661%-39.4872%
2364Humaniq coin logoHumaniq (HMQ)€0.003666142.32341%-3.78385%Mercatox, YoBit
3776HyperQuant coin logoHyperQuant (HQT)€0.000026670%0%c
0InterCrone coin logoInterCrone (ICR)€0.00551140%84.6546%c
3364Insula coin logoInsula (ISLA)€0.0649520%2.67544%Uniswap (v2)
0Jobchain coin logoJobchain (JOB)€0.00012881364.046%-30.8657%
72Kava coin logoKava (KAVA)€0.7310140.494685%16.0004%
1922Kick coin logoKick (KICK)€0.01333812.96366%70.4177%PancakeSwap (v2), KickEX, BitGlobal
3732KIMEX coin logoKIMEX (KMX)€0.000008110%0%
0Kronn coin logoKronn (KREX)€0.000127460%0%c
497LCX coin logoLCX (LCX)€0.063996-0.369973%71.5603%
0Lendroid Support coin logoLendroid Support (LST)€0.00002457-3.71921%17.6278%
0LiteGold coin logoLiteGold (LTG)€0.0000000711370%0%c
2820Lunes coin logoLunes (LUNES)€0.001681810%-11.9282%Catex
0LevelApp coin logoLevelApp (LVL)€0.0000001532080%0%YoBit
0Mandi coin logoMandi (MANDI)€0.000000003580%0%c
3300Midas Protocol coin logoMidas Protocol (MAS)€0.0002230%0%
3508Membrana coin logoMembrana (MBN)€0.000082030%0%ProBit Global
1491Mt Pelerin Shares coin logoMt Pelerin Shares (MPS)€7.61-4.22936%11.8641%Sushiswap (xDai), Uniswap (v2)
124NEXO coin logoNEXO (NEXO)€0.7188881.00471%15.0382%
3424NFX Coin coin logoNFX Coin (NFXC)€0.0004070%91.5623%Catex
0Novem Gold coin logoNovem Gold (NNN)€60.96-0.0223444%-3.3789%Bibox, P2B
2716Napoleon X coin logoNapoleon X (NPX)€0.01254670%0%PancakeSwap (v2)
1644OTOCASH coin logoOTOCASH (OTO)€0.073498-0.0145108%-1.44473%FinexBox
2187TenX coin logoTenX (PAY)€0.008021280.180038%-16.6245%
0PLANET coin logoPLANET (PLA)€0.001964450%207.22%Azbit, BitGlobal
0Polybius coin logoPolybius (PLBT)€0.3424110%-1.81%YoBit
2098Pillar coin logoPillar (PLR)€0.00437905-4.76374%12.2863%
207Polymath coin logoPolymath (POLY)€0.2027367.89581%-30.9599%
0Porte coin logoPorte (PORTE)€0.001118060%0%
0Perkle coin logoPerkle (PRKL)€0.000087570%0%c
1552PointPay coin logoPointPay (PXP)€0.007479491.73571%2.79532%
0Q DAO Governance v1.0 coin logoQ DAO Governance v1.0 (QDAO)€1.790%-12.482%
2205Reddcoin coin logoReddcoin (RDD)€0.00002455-24.736%-69.6013%
3642SafeCapital coin logoSafeCapital (SCAP)€0.003277972.24853%13.4158%FinexBox, Graviex, SouthXchange
0Seed Venture coin logoSeed Venture (SEED)€0.01270010%15.4558%Uniswap (v2)
3346Sentinel Chain coin logoSentinel Chain (SENC)€0.00020785-1.12159%-2.65406%
0SilkChain coin logoSilkChain (SILK)€0.00018621-4.27199%24.1323%
0Skraps coin logoSkraps (SKRP)€0.000180390%0%YoBit
0Silverway coin logoSilverway (SLV)€0.000094590%0%c
3511SeChain coin logoSeChain (SNN)€0.0000009924692.84974%6.27922%LATOKEN
1468Spendcoin coin logoSpendcoin (SPND)€0.002644230%0%c
0Serenity Financial coin logoSerenity Financial (SRNT)€0.000191930%0%YoBit
3884Suretly coin logoSuretly (SUR)€0.005337290%0%c
0Silvercashs coin logoSilvercashs (SVC)€0.00000364-0.557433%22.3184%SouthXchange
722TOKPIE coin logoTOKPIE (TKP)€0.2952410.417967%14.3698%
0TrustVerse coin logoTrustVerse (TRV)€0.000545080%-52.1103%
888BiLira coin logoBiLira (TRYB)€0.0316131-0.528369%-2.87476%
0The Transfer coin logoThe Transfer (TTT)€0.04086670%-30.935%c
2121UltrAlpha coin logoUltrAlpha (UAT)€0.02575270%0%
254UMA coin logoUMA (UMA)€1.78-0.024314%27.5537%
0Universe Coin coin logoUniverse Coin (UNIS)€0.000637570%-15.3638%LATOKEN
0USGold coin logoUSGold (USG)€2598.710%3.53242%
0Bankroll Vault coin logoBankroll Vault (VLT)€0.145438-2.57712%2.57891%Uniswap (v2)
0VNDC coin logoVNDC (VNDC)€0.00003719-0.0632772%-2.3284%Kaidex, ExMarkets
848VeraOne coin logoVeraOne (VRO)€59.21-1.28681%-1.54233%P2B
1490webdollar coin logowebdollar (WEBD)€0.000187860%0%
0Wrapped Kava coin logoWrapped Kava (WKAVA)€0.7307-0.439617%16.4386%Energiswap
0Wallet Plus X coin logoWallet Plus X (WPX)€0.000037130%3.54274%BitGlobal
3511Welltrado coin logoWelltrado (WTL)€0.000138470%0%YoBit
3039X-CASH coin logoX-CASH (XCASH)€0.000002440.00196132%-62.2847%CITEX, Graviex
0Connect Coin coin logoConnect Coin (XCON)€0.00013870%0%c
0Defis coin logoDefis (XGM)€0.000014760%0%
783XPR Network coin logoXPR Network (XPR)€0.00081474-0.463803%10.0729%
0Cryptobuyer coin logoCryptobuyer (XPT)€0.000061140%-25.1423%c
0Xriba coin logoXriba (XRA)€0.00664639-0.572423%-7.79707%
0XTRM coin logoXTRM (XTRM)€0.000158430%0%
891Yield App coin logoYield App (YLD)€0.0602190.720661%-18.7384%
3076ZrCoin coin logoZrCoin (ZRC)€0.0192160%0%

What are finance cryptocurrencies?

Finance cryptocurrencies are cryptos related to money markets - investing, trading, different kinds of financial platforms.

What are the best known finance cryptos?

There are a lot of finance and banking related cryptocurrencies. Just to mention a few - SXP, EURS, and KAVA.

Where can you buy these cryptocurrencies?

You can buy cryptos related to finance in all top cryptocurrency exchanges. But just to mention a few of them:

Quick answers to frequently asked questions

What are finance cryptos?
Finance cryptocurrencies are cryptos related to money markets - investing, trading, different kinds of financial platforms.
What are the best cryptos in finance category?
There are a lot of finance and banking related cryptocurrencies. Just to mention a few - SXP, EURS, and KAVA.
How many finance cryptos are there?
In our database there are more than 30 cryptos related to finance. But the actual number is definitely a lot higher.