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Are you looking crypto exchange tokens? What are the world's best known crypto exchange tokens? Read on to find out, and discover the best exchange tokens list below.
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What are the best exchange tokens? Find the top 10 Exchange Tokens based on their market cap below.

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Here's the full list of exchange tokens in Cryptolorium database. Please note that we are constantly adding new category tags to the cryptos in our databases and whenever you see another exchange token, but not marked as such, we welcome you to make the suggestion (you can find the button on each individual coin page).

RankCryptoPrice24h changeOne month changeExchanges
1371inch coin logo1inch (1INCH)€0.324395-0.592344%16.3029%
0AAX coin logoAAX (AAB)€0.04631010%0%
2605ACryptoSI coin logoACryptoSI (ACSI)€0.2448190.548311%12.8703%S
0Altmarkets Coin coin logoAltmarkets Coin (ALTM)€0.000154490%0%c
2812Chainswap coin logoChainswap (ASAP)€0.01045570%0%
696AirSwap coin logoAirSwap (AST)€0.14428551.9493%65.1883%
3009AstroSwap coin logoAstroSwap (ASTRO)€0.00038594-2.92395%1.80755%
2455ABCC coin logoABCC (AT)€0.009398030%-16.3547%
199Balancer coin logoBalancer (BAL)€3.632.77785%16.1621%
2080Belt coin logoBelt (BELT)€0.0694960.727018%-12.5553%PancakeSwap (v2), Mdex BSC, Hotbit, Indodax, OpenOcean
0Bitpanda Ecosystem coin logoBitpanda Ecosystem (BEST)€0.318631-9.29354%-6.21028%
0Bitforex coin logoBitforex (BF)€0.000778123.24039%-17.238%
2600Birake coin logoBirake (BIR)€0.001765724.60613%-34.9887%Birake, StakeCube Exchange
0BITO Coin coin logoBITO Coin (BITO)€0.0718770.0651846%16.1144%BitoPro
2590Bibox coin logoBibox (BIX)€0.00368093.71614%6.92383%Bibox, Huobi
716BitMart coin logoBitMart (BMX)€0.1344881.9986%13.0928%BitMart
4BNB coin logoBNB (BNB)€208.640.00150128%-2.2012%
0Bankera coin logoBankera (BNK)€0.1553023.02774%-0.286302%
0BNS coin logoBNS (BNS)€0.000228020.362985%3.3715%
0BSCEX coin logoBSCEX (BSCX)€1.42-0.732006%-0.621383%PancakeSwap (v2), Julswap
0Bitsten [OLD] coin logoBitsten [OLD] (BST)€0.02125120%0%Bitsten
874BitShares coin logoBitShares (BTS)€0.00596005-3.15022%-37.1266%
261BTSE Token coin logoBTSE Token (BTSE)€0.7981381.87099%-15.0919%
803bZx Protocol coin logobZx Protocol (BZRX)€0.02287270.120671%-5.1944%
3777Catex coin logoCatex (CATT)€0.00014245-12.4001%75.1649%Catex
0CoinDeal Token coin logoCoinDeal Token (CDL)€0.000231760%9.13362%Coindeal
348CoinEx coin logoCoinEx (CET)€0.02936060.8761%6.18175%CoinEx, AscendEX (BitMax)
700Tranchess coin logoTranchess (CHESS)€0.176922-0.138283%40.4501%
2640CoFiX coin logoCoFiX (COFI)€0.02935322.04398%-27.7525%
101Curve DAO coin logoCurve DAO (CRV)€0.5440342.07071%12.0621%
3787Ardana coin logoArdana (DANA)€0.00000000192-99.9999%-99.9997%
1802Delta Exchange coin logoDelta Exchange (DETO)€0.02227946.40203%-5.65091%Delta Exchange
2573Newdex coin logoNewdex (DEX)€0.004787160%0.173623%Newdex
0DigiFinex coin logoDigiFinex (DFT)€0.008117072.62516%12.146%DigiFinex
0Digitex coin logoDigitex (DGTX)€0.0000774721.528%15.3948%
1640dHEDGE DAO coin logodHEDGE DAO (DHT)€0.065999-12.9773%-22.2702%Uniswap (Polygon), OKX, Sushiswap (Polygon POS), CoinEx, Hotbit, Uniswap (v3), Uniswap (v2), Huobi
391DODO coin logoDODO (DODO)€0.119542-3.72706%7.64201%
834Dopex coin logoDopex (DPX)€63.78-5.24397%-27.3562%
0Dcoin coin logoDcoin (DT)€0.003278320%81.2339%Dcoin
0Decoin coin logoDecoin (DTEP)€0.0544570%0%c coin (DVF)€0.55034-0.137973%10.6007%
3210Switch coin logoSwitch (ESH)€0.006746290%0%
90dYdX coin logodYdX (ETHDYDX)€3.03-0.00892577%47.3292%
2837EXMO Coin coin logoEXMO Coin (EXM)€0.007172731.42745%-5.01025%EXMO
0FIDEX Exchange coin logoFIDEX Exchange (FEX)€0.000000511836-0.0652251%-16.6565%c
474FLEX Coin coin logoFLEX Coin (FLEX)€0.541426-14.6459%18.2747%Uniswap (v2), CoinFLEX
524Flamingo Finance coin logoFlamingo Finance (FLM)€0.0831255.8464%7.31442%
199FINSCHIA coin logoFINSCHIA (FNSA)€26.112.24609%13.8984%
2335Futureswap coin logoFutureswap (FST)€0.0208241-6.91792%5.23993%
0FTX coin logoFTX (FTT)€4.2812.5591%291.068%
2245FlypMe coin logoFlypMe (FYP)€0.0503533.84983%1.83178%SouthXchange
681Hegic coin logoHegic (HEGIC)€0.025004725.9323%105.767%
2735Hydro Protocol coin logoHydro Protocol (HOT)€0.000658860%0%
121Huobi coin logoHuobi (HT)€2.580.0462239%15.1751%
2083Hotbit coin logoHotbit (HTB)€0.00139189-11.8477%372.856%Hotbit, Uniswap (v2), OpenOcean
402HXRO coin logoHXRO (HXRO)€0.113732-3.31632%28.057%Energiswap, Uniswap (v3), Bilaxy, Hotbit, Raydium, Sushiswap, Uniswap (v2)
0INFLIV coin logoINFLIV (IFV)€0.00025149-0.990572%-1.63309%P2B
1032DeFi Kingdoms coin logoDeFi Kingdoms (JEWEL)€0.15643816.0554%56.8646%
73KuCoin coin logoKuCoin (KCS)€7.410.579375%71.2957%
0Kebab coin logoKebab (KEBAB)€0.00514310%0%PancakeSwap (v1), ProBit, 1inch Liquidity Protocol (BSC), PancakeSwap (v2)
2249DexKit coin logoDexKit (KIT)€0.2823642.42743%30.3071%Bilaxy, Uniswap (Polygon), Uniswap (v2), PancakeSwap (v2)
2421Leverj Gluon coin logoLeverj Gluon (L2)€0.00254276-14.3148%33.8027%Uniswap (v3), ProBit Global
1755LA coin logoLA (LA)€0.0378083-1.75077%52.9495%
2031UniLayer coin logoUniLayer (LAYER)€0.04968532.05568%-12.9105%
1478LocalCoinSwap coin logoLocalCoinSwap (LCS)€0.1020856.83697%13.5105%Uniswap (v2)
497LCX coin logoLCX (LCX)€0.063996-0.369973%71.5603%
24LEO Token coin logoLEO Token (LEO)€3.44-6.09821%-7.94128%
464Linear coin logoLinear (LINA)€0.0095524-1.16182%5.70035%
0CoinLion coin logoCoinLion (LION)€0.003271970%0%YoBit, Bitcratic
169Loopring coin logoLoopring (LRC)€0.204944-1.64912%3.05887%
3300Midas Protocol coin logoMidas Protocol (MAS)€0.0002230%0%
0MAX coin logoMAX (MAX)€0.1895190.317421%-0.0722302%Max Maicoin
575MUX Protocol coin logoMUX Protocol (MCB)€9.850.765619%-12.3141%
3750MetricExchange coin logoMetricExchange (METRIC)€0.02191560%0%
1659Mettalex coin logoMettalex (MTLX)€0.6688524.9906%26.5861%
156MX coin logoMX (MX)€2.750.95674%7.84487%
0nDEX coin logonDEX (NDX)€0.0000001975610%0%c
1815NAGA coin logoNAGA (NGC)€0.025523315.2823%-26.4873%
1929Nominex coin logoNominex (NMX)€0.0140695-0.456469%-8.91539%Nomiswap, Nominex
0ChangeNOW coin logoChangeNOW (NOW)€0.064424-0.138569%10.4992%Uniswap (v2)
397Nerve Finance coin logoNerve Finance (NRV)€0.003133821.63167%29.1765%
1636OceanEX coin logoOceanEX (OCE)€0.00040908-3.596%94.7113%
23OKB coin logoOKB (OKB)€54.262.12781%27.9565%
2968Oikos coin logoOikos (OKS)€0.00073511-20.0116%-27.3794%PancakeSwap (v2), LATOKEN, XT.COM
0One coin logoOne (ONE)€0.000508760.0086813%-6.0764%BigONE, 4swap, Mdex
1323OpenOcean coin logoOpenOcean (OOE)€0.01138352.96825%32.1049%
2969OTCBTC coin logoOTCBTC (OTB)€0.002257640%-0.333977%Mercatox
514Perpetual Protocol coin logoPerpetual Protocol (PERP)€0.6399325.4733%18.8106%
738ParaSwap coin logoParaSwap (PSP)€0.02915413.83401%18.2575%
2581PowerTrade Fuel coin logoPowerTrade Fuel (PTF)€0.0179816-0.0907073%49.0861%AscendEX (BitMax), Uniswap (v2), Balancer (v1), LATOKEN
960QASH coin logoQASH (QASH)€0.01617811.41192%16.2846%
667Quickswap coin logoQuickswap (QUICK)€0.0464293-0.374083%11.4099%Quickswap (v3), Quickswap, Quickswap (Dogechain), Pionex, AscendEX (BitMax)
1805Resfinex Token coin logoResfinex Token (RES)€0.0149630%-1.10233%
35THORChain coin logoTHORChain (RUNE)€6.37-3.06872%117.671%
2222Sashimi coin logoSashimi (SASHIMI)€0.003970931.06644%-5.61709%
2122SpiritSwap coin logoSpiritSwap (SPIRIT)€0.0025551-3.27214%111.051%
864Serum coin logoSerum (SRM)€0.0441584-2.94927%31.5699%
184Sushi coin logoSushi (SUSHI)€1.17-0.816654%15.6186%
1017SWFTCOIN coin logoSWFTCOIN (SWFTC)€0.001275817.6167%23.8713% Utility coin Utility (SXUT)€0.00134540%0%c
1641TigerCash coin logoTigerCash (TCH)€0.004000683.7493%-5.62485%PancakeSwap (v2)
2372Tidex coin logoTidex (TDX)€0.066329-4.06165%159.037%PancakeSwap (v2)
86Tokenize Xchange coin logoTokenize Xchange (TKX)€7.332.68674%36.5169%Tokenize
0Tokok coin logoTokok (TOK)€0.002169890%0%c
21Uniswap coin logoUniswap (UNI)€5.61-0.189071%30.5183%
2188Unicly coin logoUnicly (UNIC)€2.044.58744%17.9047%
3635Viper coin logoViper (VIPER)€0.000043020%-0.241324%ViperSwap
3382WaultSwap coin logoWaultSwap (WEX)€0.00000740%0%
3648WaultSwap Polygon coin logoWaultSwap Polygon (WEXPOLY)€0.000002040%0%c
131WOO Network coin logoWOO Network (WOO)€0.207758-3.08376%2.25673%
3511Worldcore coin logoWorldcore (WRC)€0.000179421.8534%-19.7532%YoBit
482WazirX coin logoWazirX (WRX)€0.1132620.255098%6.37829%
741Coinmetro coin logoCoinmetro (XCM)€0.07310215.5241%65.9672%Uniswap (v3), Coinmetro, Uniswap (v2)
0Zaif coin logoZaif (ZAIF)€0.00043732.33397%20.6402%Zaif
835ZB coin logoZB (ZB)€0.2396880%-6.33678%ZBG
2101Zipmex coin logoZipmex (ZMT)€0.0127767-3.66276%-26.9897%

What are exchange tokens?

Exchange tokens are cryptocurrencies issued by cryptocurrency exchanges. Normally they act as normal cryptocurrencies, but they can also be used to lower the fees in the exchange or get other bonuses.

What is the best known exchange token?

The best known exchange token is most likely Binance Coin (BNB).

Where can you buy exchange tokens?

You can buy exchange tokens in all the best cryptocurrency exchanges. In each exchange you can buy the exchange's own crypto, but often you can also buy tokens of other exchanges. You can buy exchange tokens in these crypto exchanges (for example):

Quick answers to frequently asked questions

How many exchange tokens are there?
In our database there are more than 20 exchange tokens. But the actual number is definitely a lot higher. By the end of the day - each exchange can launch their own token, and there are hundreds of exchanges.
What is the best known exchange token?
The best known exchange token is probably Binance Coin (BNB).
What are exchange tokens?
Exchange tokens are cryptocurrencies issued by cryptocurrency exchanges. Normally they act as normal cryptocurrencies, but they can also be used to lower the fees in the exchange or get other bonuses.