Crypto Rebalance Bot Return calculator

Calculate potention rebalance bot profits to decide if Smart Rebalance bots are for you
How much can crypto rebalance bots increase your crypto holdings over time? How much more profit can you make with crypto rebalance bots compared to just hodling?

Rebalance Bot Return Calculator

This rebalance bot return calculator is based on my own rebalance bots. You can read about all the bots the data is based on from my crypto rebalance bots case study.

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What is a smart rebalance bot?

Smart rebalance trading bot consists of multiple different cryptocurrencies. Each of them has been assigned its own proportion in the bot.

Most of the bots this calculator is based on have equal values for each cryptos.

For example, if there are four cryptos in the rebalance bot, then each of them have been assigned 25% of the bot value.

If the price of one of these cryptos goes up, a little of it will be sold, and other cryptos in the bot will be bought, just to keep the 25% balance for each crypto in the bot.

Where does this rebalance calculator get its data?

This rebalance calculator is based on my own smart rebalance bots. So it's a real-life data.

Are the returns provided by this calculator guaranteed?

Absolutely not. Although these returns are based on my real-life currently running crypto rebalance bots, your actual results can vary for many different reasons.

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