Best No-KYC Crypto Exchanges

Top anonymous crypto exchangs that require no verification, helping you stay anonymous while trading crypto.
No-KYC crypto exchanges offer you the option to stay anonymous and deposit, trade, and withdraw with no id verification requirement. Find the best anonymous crypto exchanges below. We’ll also talk about what makes them different from other type of exchanges.
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Exchanges with No ID verification

Best No-KYC crypto exchanges 2024

Below you can see the best exchanges without KYC that we have tried out ourselves and feel might be the best no verification exchanges. In our opinion (so far) these could be the best anonymous crypto exchanges out there.

No-KYC withdrawal limit
Other limitations without verification

1 BTC/day
No fiat
20 BTC/day

0.06 BTC/day
No fiat. Limitation on P2P trading volume
2 BTC/day
P2P Transaction Limit $1000
No bank transfers, no margin trading

Kucoin – respectable exchange with 1 BTC limit

Kucoin exchange

Kucoin is accessible in more than 200 countries. Kucoin fees are very low – just 0.1%. You can trade around 400 different cryptocurrencies here.

-- Visit --

Mexc – withdraw up to 20 BTC without verification

Mexc exchange

Mexc Global is 64th exchange in the top 100 leading exchanges list based on daily trading volume. Mexc has very low minimum deposit amount (just 0.01 USDT) and good enough trading fee (0.2%). Mexc has roughly 600 cryptocurrencies available for trading.

-- Visit --

Huobi Global – no-KYC exchange with strong presence in Asia

Huobi exchange

Huobi is a high volume exchange with strong presence in Asia. You can currently trade more than 400 cryptos for 0.2% trading fee.

-- Visit --

Bybit – very low trading fees

Bybit exchange

Out of all the no-KYC exchanges in this list, Bybit is another one of those exchanges that offers very low trading fees. Bybit base trading fee is just 0.1%. Bybit has roughly 2 million accounts and has a list of roughly 230 cryptos available for trading.

-- Visit

Kraken – US Licensed no-KYC exchange

Kraken exchange

Kraken is licenced to offer its services in the United States. Kraken’s base trading fee is 0.16%/0.26% (Maker/Taker). Although kraken’s crypto selection is quite low (just 50+ coins), we feel that its regulation bit speaks in its favor.

-- Visit --

Full no KYC exchanges list

Obviously there are more no-KYC exchanges out there and you can find the full list of no KYC exchanges below.

But keep in mind that we haven’t tried most of these allegedly anonymous crypto exchages ourselves, but this no verification exchange list has been put together based on what we have found elsewhere.

This also means that not all of these exchanges might be no-KYC exchanges.

For example, in some lists we found we also saw Binance in those lists, but Binance actually does require verification.

Additionally, not all names in this no kyc exchanges list might actually be crypto exchanges, but some of them can also be CFD trading platforms where you can trade cryptos, but you don’t actually own them.

List of no-KYC crypto exchanges:

  1. 1Inchexchange
  2. AAX
  3. AgoraDesk
  4. BaseFex
  5. Bexplus
  6. Bibox
  7. Bingbon
  8. Bisq
  9. BitFex
  10. Bitfineon
  11. Bitfinex
  12. Bitforex
  13. Bitmax
  14. Bitzlato
  15. BitValve
  16. Bityard
  17. BTC-Alpha
  18. BTSE
  19. Bybit
  20. Cash App
  21. ChangeHero
  22. Changelly
  23. Cobinhood
  24. Coinex
  25. Coinswitch
  26. CoinTiger
  27. Coss
  28. CryptoGem
  30. DueDex
  31. Evolve Markets
  32. Evonax
  33. Exmo
  34. Exolix
  35. Ftx
  36. Godex
  37. Graviex
  38. HitBtc
  39. HodlHodl
  40. Huobi
  41. Interdax
  42. Kraken
  43. Kucoin
  44. Livecoin
  45. Margex
  46. Nash
  47. Nominex
  48. Phemex
  49. Pionex
  50. Poloniex
  51. Primebit
  52. PrimeXBT
  53. Probit
  54. Redeem
  55. ShapeShift
  56. SimpleFX
  57. StealthEX
  58. StormGain
  59. Totalcoin
  60. TradeOgre
  62. Whitebit

What is a no-KYC exchange?

No-KYC exchanges are crypto exchanges that don't require verification. While these days most cryptocurrency exchanges want you to verify your identity, a no verification crypto exchange doesn’t require it.

Although verification might be needed in order to increase deposit, trade, or withdrawal limits.

The very best exchanges without KYC meet the criteria we'll be bringing out next.

Important things to consider when choosing the best no-KYC crypto exchange

So what makes one crypto exchange the best no verification exchange?

They are trustworthy

Crypto regulation is still in infancy, and in case of most no id verification crypto exchanges there are no real oversight and regulation. So when you join a no-KYC crypto exchange, you want to make sure that it’s a trustworthy no-KYC exchange where you money is safe.

They have high volume

You want to trade in an exchange with enough trading volume. This means that trades are executed fast enough. Big trade volume also means that there are enough traders in the exchange.

Good cryptocurrency selection

I don’t know about you, but before I join any new crypto exchange, I want to make sure they have at least a few hundred different cryptos available. And I want to see new cryptocurrencies added often enough as well

Proven crypto selection process

While I want a good number of cryptos, I also want to be sort of sure about what I’m buying. So it’s good if the no-KYC exchange doesn’t just list any crypto, but actually does their own due diligence first as well.

Many exchanges do that. And sometimes when they are not too sure about the crypto, they publish the crypto under the Innovation zone or add a special risk-notice.

Low fees

There are exchanges out there that ask for trading fees that go above a few percentage. But that’s no good, especially if you are going to do a lot of trading. So look for an exchange with low fees, ideally not more than 0.3%.

Option to withdraw crypto without KYC

In case of a number exchanges, you can deposit without KYC, you can even trade without any identity requirement, but you can’t withdraw crypto without KYC.

On this page we only talk about those no verification crypto exchanges where you can do all of these things – deposit, trade, and also withdraw crypto without KYC.

Easy registration

Signing up for a crypto exchange should be fast and easy. And that applies even more so to no-KYC exchanges. So if signing up for the exchange is too complicated, just forget about it.

Fast deposits and withdrawals

You always want to use exchanges where both deposits and withdrawals are processed with minimum delays.

Why choose a crypto exchange with no verification requirement?

No-KYC exchanges have a few positive aspect.

Firstly – they are anonymous. You can normally sign up for the exchange with just your email or phone and you don’t have to share much more information about them

Secondly – signing up for no-KYC exchange is usually very fast and takes only couple of seconds. This means that it is possible to start trading in no time.

How do we review no verification crypto exchanges?

Whenever we are writing review about any crypto exchange, we pay attention to similar aspects

We look at their main details such as fees, available cryptos, how many accounts they have, what payments options they have, and also look at the specifics of each individual exchange.

You can learn more about the process here.

How do you sign up for no-KYC crypto exchange

Creating an account in an anonymous crypto exchange should generally take no more than a few seconds.

Because the process looks something like this:

  1. You press the registration button
  2. You fill in your email and/or phone field
  3. You verify your email/phone
  4. You choose your password
  5. And you press the button below the form to sign up

And that’s it. That’s all you need to do to sign up for anonymous crypto exchanges.

Are no-KYC exchanges safe?

When you are buying crypto without KYC, you should always be aware of the potential risks.

That’s why you should always do your own research before depositing money in a new anonymous exchange. We do our best with our reviews to give you a glimpse into what any exchange offers. But you should ideally also spend more time researching it.

It’s good to stay anonymous when trading cryptos, but the same anonymity adds a level or risk. Because in many cases also the people behind the exchange can be anonymous and at times the exchanges might close their doors with a full-blown exit scam.

Other topics related to no ID verification crypto exchanges

Now let’s take a look at a few other topics related to exchanges that required no ID verification.

How to research no-KYC exchanges?

As mentioned above, the smaller and less known no KYX exchange you join, the more time you need to spend yourself making sure it’s a safe enough exchange.

Search for their track record – has there been many problems with the exchange? What are other users saying about it?

Go to Reddit, see if they have their subpage there. Read the comments.

Go to Twitter, see what their page looks like there. And of course, read the comments.

Go to Trustpilot, and see what comments have been left about the exchange there.

Of course, it’s a truth of life that people with issues tend to leave the most comments. And people happy enough don’t care about leaving any feedback. So while scanning the comments and reviews, always judge them with this in mind.

What are the limitations of no-KYC exchanges?

The main limitation is probably this – no KYC exchanges can’t deal in fiat. So if you want to deposit and/or withdraw fiat money, you usually need to go through the exchanges’ identity verification process.

Do no-KYC exchanges have any limits?

There are different types of no-KYC exchanges. Some exchanges, that don’t ask you to verify your account, have no limits whatsoever.

Other exchanges (often slightly more trustworthy), offer deposits, trades and withdrawals without KYC up to a limit. Usually the important thing to pay attention to here is the withdrawal limit. Sometimes it is possible to withdraw $100 per day without verifying your account, sometimes you can withdraw 1-10 BTC/day without verification,

So there can be limits and the limits depends on the exact exchange


No-KYC exchanges are anonymous cryptocurrency exchanges where you can deposit, trade, and withdraw money without having to verify your account. Without sending them copy of your ID or proof of your address.

These anonymous crypto exchanges offers fast and simple registration process, and can be a good change for our otherwise very regulated world.

But as with everything, beware of the risks.

Quick answers to frequently asked questions

What are the best exchange with no ID verification?
Some of the best no KYC exchanges that require no ID verification are Kucoin, Huobi, Mexc, and Bybit.
Can you withdraw crypto without KYC?
Yes. All the no KYC crypto exchanges listed on this page allow withdrawals without KYC.
What are non KYC exchanges?
No KYC exchanges don’t ask you to verify your identity and send them a copy of your passport and proof of address. Normally they just ask for your email address.
What is KYC limit?
Some no KYC exchanges offer some of their services without KYC requirement, but only up to a limit. The daily limit (mostly related to withdrawals) can be anywhere from 0.01 BTC to 50 BTC/day. If you want to increase the limit, you’ll need to pass the KYC.