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Compare all crypto exchanges 2022
Our crypto exchange comparison charts and tables will help you compare all crypto exchanges we have reviewed. Find difference between crypto exchanges, and find the crypto exchange with the lowest fees. How to compare crypto exchanges? We have decided to tackle that task in small batches and compare crypto exchanges in different categories.

Find the best crypto exchange 2022

It's not easy to decide on which crypto exchange to choose and which might be the best exchange. Before you can actually find the best exchange, you need to figure out the difference between crypto exchanges.

But even if you have managed to figure out the main difference between crypto exchanges, it's still not enough to choose the exchange. The reasons for that are simple. Firstly, what's best for me is not best for you. Secondly, it's not simple to find all the information you might be looking for.

We are trying to help you compare crypto exchanges and find the best cryptocurrency exchange for you.

Without further ado, let's get started.

Compare cryptocurrency exchange details

Let's start by comparing the main details of some of the most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. Details like how many active accounts do the cryptocurrency exchanges have? How many cryptocurrencies can you trade in the exchange? When were the cryptocurrency exchanges established and other details like that.

Binance2017500+13.5 million and growingCayman Islands, Seychelles
Bittrex2014300+500 000+Washington
Coinbase2012250+13 millionNo headquarters (Coinbase has no physical headquarters. )
Gate.io201310008 MillionGeorge Town, Grand Cayman
Kraken201170+7 millionSan Francisco, California
Kucoin2017380+8 MillionSingapore

Now let's take a look at some other exchange details that might interest you. Such as whether the exchange has a mobile app, do they offer exchange debit card to their users, can you make fiat withdrawals?

Mobile appExchange Debit Card Minimum TradeFiat Withdrawals
1 usd
1 usd

Compare accepted countries - which are accepted in the crypto exchanges?

Each crypto exchange accepts users from 100-200 countries and you can get better idea about that in our cryptocurrency exchange reviews.

But let's see which exchanges accept of US, UK, Japan, and Australian traders.

Services for USA/Canada/Japanese can be limited.
Kucoin is not licensed in the United States, but people from the US can trade on Kucoin.

Compare KYC requirements

How strict are the bitcoin exchanges with the KYC requirements? Is it necessary to verify your identity or can you trade without KYC as well?

KYCTrading without KYCKYC Details
You need to go through KYC process before you can make a withdrawal.
You might be able to trade with KYC up to certain limits, but KYC is strongly advisable.
It is possible to trade without KYC on Kucoin, but limits apply.

Compare crypto exchange payment options

Which payment options do crypto exchanges offer? We'll list all payments options that you can use in the exchanges.

Please note that additionally each exchange can also have a P2P crypto buying and selling feature which might have a number of additional payment options.

Debit/Credit cardPaypalSEPASWIFTApple PayGoogle Pay

Compare crypto buying options - how can you buy cryptocurrency

Previously we showed you the table with payment options. But which options can you use to buy cryptocurrencies in the exchanges? Which exchanges offer fiat deposit options, which exchanges allow you to use instant buy option?

Instant BuyFiatFiat Min Deposit Fiat Min withdrawal
€50/$50 (recommended)uknown

Compare fees of crypto exchanges

Now let's compare fees of all cryptocurrency exchanges - we'll take a look at deposit and withdrawal fees, trading fees as well as compare withdrawal fees and minimum withdrawal amounts of several coins.

Compare crypto exchange deposit and withdrawal fees

Now let's compare exchange fees for deposits and withdrawals. The fees vary a lot across different exchanges and if you're planning to deposit a lot, this crypto exchange deposit fees comparison table might be pretty useful to you. The same applies if you're looking for the lowest withdrawal fee crypto exchange.

DetailsCardFiat DepositFiat WithdrawalInstant Buy
BinanceBinance offers many options for payments depending on your location, includong bank transfer, credit and debit cards and Apple Pay. 1.8%1.8%1% (VISA)0.50%
Bittrex-3%Free or up to $25Free or up to $253%
CoinbaseCoinbase fees can be quite overwhelming to understand. And what we found about crypto withdrawals and minimums, we can only tell you that the fee is 1% plus network fee. No information about the minimums.2.49% - 3.99%€0.15 Free or up to $25Up to 3.99%
Kraken-3.75% + $/€0.25Free or up to $/€ 10Free or up to $/€ 350.9% - 1.5%
Kucoin-3% - 12%Free to 3%n/a yet3% - 12%

Compare crypto exchanges fees for trading

What are the exchange fees like for trading? Which crypto or bitcoin exchange offers the lowest crypto trading fees, which offer you fee discounts, which exchanges are the most expensive?

Find the cheapest crypto exchanges below. Please note that these are the base fees or highest fees the exchanges ask and they go down depending on your trading volume.

MakerTakerFee discounts
Binance0.1%0.1%If you pay with fees with BNB, you automatically get a 20% fee discount.
Gate.io0.2%0.2%If you pay the fees with KCS, you pay 30%-70% less trading fees.
Kucoin0.1%0.1%Pay for fees with KCS to lower your fees.

Compare crypto withdrawal fees

How much does it cost to withdraw Bitcoin, withdraw Polkadot or some other currency?  Let's compare some crypto withdrawal fees across all the exchanges.

Note that these are just the minimum withdrawal amounts of just a a few cryptos we have chosen.


* FLEX means that the cryptocurrency exchange doesn't have fixed fee, but they depend on the market conditions.

Compare crypto withdrawal minimums

And what's the minimum withdrawal you are allowed to make in case of all these cryptos?


Compare order types of crypto exchanges

Which order types does one or another crypto exchange offer? Does it offer limit order? Does it offer maket order? Let's see this data below.

LimitMarketStop LimitStop MarketTrailing StopStrategyTime-in-forceIcebergConditional

Compare trading options offered by crypto exchanges

You'll notice that these days most crypto exchanges offer you pretty similar options - spot trading, futures trading, margin trading, but the options vary. And only a few crypto trading platforms actually offer you easy access for trading bots you can use.

SpotMarginFuturesTrading BotMax LeverageDetails
20xMaximum leverage for futures trading is 100x.

Compare crypto exchange earn features

Most exchange offer their users to earn free crypto in one form or another. Some exchanges offer you free crypto just for filling out a simple quiz, some offer you staking reward. Let's compare these exchanges and see which "Earn" features are offered by each.

Earn ProductsStakingLiquidityLearnRafflesLendingLaunchpoolsCloud Mining

How do we compare crypto exchanges

We compare cryptocurrency exchanges in different categories. We believe that this kind of exchange comparison tables might be the best for giving you as simple overview of every category that interests you.

Which bitcoin exchanges do we compare?

We have tried to put together enough information here to compare as many exchanges as possible, but at this point we have decided to compare only those exchanges that we have actually researched and preferably tried it out ourselves as well.

And for every exchange you can see on these crypto comparison review tables above, we have also written a review about. If you want to learn more about the process, learn how we review cryptocurrency exchanges.

But at this point we try to rather offer less information, but as precise as possible than more information that we can't handle anymore.

Currently we are comparing popular cryptocurrency exchanges such as Binance, Kraken, and Coinbase.

But also a bit smaller great crypto exchanges such as, Kucoin, and Bittrex.

What is a cryptocurrency exchange?

Cryptocurrency exchange is a basically an online business that allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.

In most cases you can buy cryptos there for real money (so for fiat currencies like EUR or USD) as well as trade one cryptocurrency for another.

What should you pay attention to when choosing the exchange?

There are a number of things to consider before joining a cryptocurrency exchange and the following list is far from complete:

  • License and trust factor. While crypto market is still sort of a gray area even in 2021. You should still choose an exchange which is regulated by someone. Just to make sure your money is safe.
  • Deposit/Withdrawal methods. You need to find an exchange that offers the deposit and withdrawal methods that suit you. Another thing to keep in mind here is that not all exchanges allow you to make deposits with fiat money (they only accept crypto transfers from your crypto wallet). At the same time not all exchanges allow you to make cryptocurrency withdrawals (they only allow withdrawals in fiat money).
  • Fees. All cryptocurrency exchanges are there to make money. And all of them charge you fees for deposits, withdrawals, for trades. So make sure you choose an exchange where the fees would be low enough.
  • Cryptocurrencies and trading volumes. You will also want to choose cryptocurrency exchange that has a lot of cryptos you can buy/trade and where the trading volumes are high enough as well.

Which are the best cryptocurrency exchanges?

As you can see above in our comparison tables, best is a very subjective word and the best cryptocurrency exchange for one person might not be the best exchange for the other.

Right now I am personally using Binance because its simplicity.

But even they have their kinks which you can read in our Binance review.

Our second favorite exchange is currently The reason is mainly their wide variety of altcoins. You can read our review here.

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