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Simple currency converter - from Fiat to crypto
This is a very simple currency converter to help you convert fiat to crypto.

Simple Fiat to crypto converter

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Get the latest crypto exchange rates

Use this Fiat to crypto calculator to get the latest crypto exchange rates.

How to use this Fiat to crypto calculator

Considering this is the easiest calculator you can find, it's very simple to use.

  1. Choose fiat currency you want to convert
  2. Choose the amount you want to convert
  3. Choose the cryptocurrency (just start writing the name or the symbol and choose the correct one)

Are the exchange rates in this crypto currency converter real-time prices?

The crypto exchange rates in this currency converter are taken from our database and are not real time. Normally these prices are anywhere from one minute up to two hours old. In case of each conversion you'll also see when the price was last updated.

Please note that the prices are all calculated based on EUR base currency.

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