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Who is Siim Einfeldt?

I became interested in cryptos in the beginning of 2020 when Bitcoin price reached the highest peak so far.

Obviously that didn't last too long.

But that was also when I started creating Cryptolorium - initially just to keep an eye on my own cryptos in all different exchanges.

To this date the most important bit of this site for ME is still the free members area.

It's not perfect, far from it. But so far it's the best way to keep track of all of my cryptos.

How much does Siim know about stuff?

Am I an expert when it comes to cryptos?

Definitely not.

Do I know more than the average person?


I am learning about cryptos for the sake of making better crypto investment decisions for myself. Learning about them has also been a must when creating this site.

Now I'm mainly looking into cryptos about AI and big data, and also energy sector.

Simply because I feel these sectors might explode in the near future.


I have been investing in cryptos for the last two years (since beginning of 2020). So while it's not very long, I have been studying about different aspects of the market.

I have been:

  • Investing. I buy for HODLing
  • Trading. I have also tried trading CFDs. It can be pretty interesting.
  • Trying out trading bots. I have tried out different crypto trading bots such as margin trading bots, futures trading bots, smart rebalance trading bots. Just to mention a few.


I'm sort of a jack of all trades, master of none.

While generally that's not considered a too good thing, for me it works.

Because in my case it means I know (a bit) about:

  • Coding. That's helpful in creating this site.
  • Designing. I'm not really good designer, but that's helpful.
  • Writing. Well, I have to. I'm not too good at it.
  • SEO. Always helpful.


I studied Journalism & PR. It was fun. Never worked in that field though. Except for a few random articles here and there.