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Rootkit (ROOT)

What's Rootkit price? How much potential does it have? How to buy Rootkit? And where can you buy it? Find answers to all of those as well as to many others questions related to it and discover cryptos in the same category. And see how ROOT compares to Bitcoin based on its performance!
(Price data last updated about 10 days ago)

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Data last updated about 10 days ago
ROOT All Time Low/High: €404.6 (+201%) / €11372 (-89%)
Current price
EUR Price
€ 1219.34
Negative percentage
Negative percentage
14 days
Negative percentage
Negative percentage
Negative percentage
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Compare ROOT and BTC performance

1h change0 %-0.0956073 %
24h change0 %0.923532 %
7 day change0 %-1.60203 %
14 day change0 %25.6214 %
30 day change0 %18.6198 %
200 day change0 %34.6252 %
Year change0 %-35.9143 %

How popular is Rootkit cryptocurrency?

Rootkit ranks 576th among all cryptocurrencies. It has a market cap of €28641537. The total trading volume within the last 24 hours was €46.43.

How to buy Rootkit?

The easiest way to buy ROOT is to use a cryptocurrency exchange. There are a lot of exchanges out there these days - both centralized and decentralized. And you can find this cryptocurrency in a number of exchanges these days. Currently there should be the very minimum of 1 Rootkit exchanges available.
  • Find the exchanges that have Rootkit listed (you can see most exchanges listed above)
  • Compare crypto exchanges you just found to find the best one
  • Create an account in the exchange
  • If the exchange requires KYC, go through their verification process
  • Choose a payment method
  • And now just make a deposit to buy the crypto or buy it directly without fiat landing on your account.
All exchanges are different, but in most cases you can use at least two different payment methods - you can transfer crypto there and use that to buy ROOT, or you can use credit/debit card. Obviously, there are more options, but these are the most common ones.

Where can you buy it?

ROOT should be listed in these exchanges: Uniswap (v2).

Where can I find more information about Rootkit?

You can find more information about it through the crypto homepage and social media pages brought out on top of this page. And we always recommend you to do further research about the crypto yourself as well.

What is Rootkit?

Rootkit is a highly advanced new DeFi protocol that pushes the limits of financial wizardry. Using a combination of permanent liquidity locks and a fixed supply currency, Rootkit creates a mathematical price floor. There can only ever be 10000 ROOT, and the price floor represents the lowest possible price a ROOT token can ever be. With our new ERC-31337 token wrapper, Rootkit is able to unlock the ETH from under the price floor and send it to a vault. This ETH is moved without effecting the market price, or depth of the order book. As the price floor rises through market volume, liquidity locks. Which means more ETH is unlocked from below the floor and sent to the vault. Because there is no tokens available to sell, the floor starts at the price, which is determined by how many ETH are raised in the ETH. Since we can unback the KETH below the floor, all of the ETH used to create the first liquidity can be used twice. This lets us offer our first LP a huge bonus, which is something no other protocol can do. The true power of Rootkit is the ability to use the same ETH multiple times to push the price up, without ever using it to sell back to the market, or push the price down. Rootkit, the future of finance.

Market Cap: €28641537 Rank: #576Volume: €46.43

Rootkit (ROOT) live price chart

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Latest Tweets by Rootkit

How big was Rootkit coin volume within the last 24h?
Rootkit (ROOT) last recorded volume was € 46.43.
How much has Rootkit price changed during one year?
ROOT price has changed during the last year 0 %.
Is ROOT coin close to its All Time High price?
ROOT all time high price (ath) is €11372. Its current price is €1219.34. This means that the difference between Rootkit (ROOT) All Time High price and ROOT current price is -89%.
Where can you buy Rootkit?
Rootkit is currently listed on at least these crypto exchanges: Uniswap (v2) and possibly some others.