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  • keep track of your crypto holdings across all exchanges
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  • keep track of how much of the revenues you have reinvested in other cryptos
  • add interesting cryptos to your watchlist
  • find most volatile cryptos for crypto bots
  • charts, charts, charts!
  • and much more...
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Please keep in mind, that you can not use Cryptolorium to buy or sell cryptos. Cryptolorium is meant to keep track of all your cryptos and have a perfect overview of everything.

you will need to add all your crypto buys to the system yourself. This will keep everything neat and safe, but it also requires something from you. A little time to add each crypto buy you make in some exchange also to your Cryptolorium account. Some of you might be put off by that, but we feel it's a feature, not a bug. And just to give you a glance of what's inside, here are some screenshots for you:
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