$30M in free crypto - Take part in DOT Slot Auction Warm-Up in Binance

Earn free crypto rewards by staking your favorite Polkadot parachain projects.
Polkadot parachain

Binance launched DOT Slot Auction Warm-Up on November 4, 2021. The Warm-Up lasts until November 11 12:59 (UTC) and during the week $30M in free crypto will be distributed among all participants.

What is DOT Slot Auction?

DOT Slot Auction is an auction on Polkadot ecosystem which offers investors the possibility of voting on different Polkadot parachain projects and stake DOT for free rewards.

There are 9 different projects you can vote for (and stake DOT for rewards).

  1. Moonbeam
  2. Clover Finance (CLV)
  3. Astar Network (ASTR)
  4. Litentry (LIT)
  5. Manta (MA)
  6. Bifrost (BNC)
  7. Efinity (EFI)
  8. Parallel (PARA)
  9. Acala (ACA)

Vote your favorite project and stake it. If you want, you can vote for and stake multiple projects as well.

How much crypto can you earn?

There are 9 different polkadot parachain projects you can stake and vote for during the Warm-up period and each of them is offering different rewards.

What's more - the APY is calculated and rewards are paid out hourly.

When the Warm-Up started, Clover Finance (CLV) project offered a massive, higher than 7 000% APY. Obviously, it didn't stay that high for a long time, but that's showing a lot about the potential.

Join Binance and start staking!

The APY's as of publishing this post were the following:

How high is the polkadot slot auction APY

As you can see, the APY's are still very high, so it makes sense to stake and earn free crypto doing that. And you will get your rewards hourly.

What happens to my staked DOT?

All the Polkadot (DOT) tokens that you stake during the Warm-up phase will be locked for the Auction period.

If the project you voted for doesn't win, the staked DOT will be returned to your account by the end of the auction (around mid-december 2021, most likely December 18, 2021).

Should your staked project win, your DOT will be locked for 96 weeks and you will receive daily lock-up rewards from the projects for that.

Join Binance Dot Auction here

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