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Are you looking for cryptos related to AI and Big Data? What are the world's best known AI cryptos? And what is a AI or Big data crypto anyway? Read on to find out, and discover the best AI cryptos list below.
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Top 10 AI and Big Data cryptocurrencies

What are the best AI cryptos? Find the top 10 AI and big data cryptos based on their market cap below.

All AI and big data cryptocurrencies

Here's the full list of AI and Big Data cryptos in Cryptolorium database. Please note that we are constantly adding new category tags to the cryptos in our databases and whenever you see an AI related crypto on our site not marked as such, we welcome you to make the suggestion (you can find the button on each individual coin page).

RankCryptoPrice24h changeOne month changeExchanges
126SingularityNET coin logoSingularityNET (AGIX)€0.2847344.42064%26.1408%
0Artificial Intelligence coin logoArtificial Intelligence (AI)€0.0000001881320%0%PancakeSwap (v2)
2189Flourishing AI coin logoFlourishing AI (AI)€0.035891-5.01666%392.2%PancakeSwap (v2)
3198AI Doctor coin logoAI Doctor (AIDOC)€0.000189430%6.77296%CoinEgg
1974EpiK Protocol coin logoEpiK Protocol (AIEPK)€0.0084263212.1334%98.6833%
1372Aimedis (OLD) coin logoAimedis (OLD) (AIMX)€0.01153020%-16.8686%PancakeSwap (v2)
2140Aion coin logoAion (AION)€0.00174075.68005%13.6438%
2521AITRA coin logoAITRA (AITRA)€0.0583440%0%c
379Artificial Liquid Intelligence coin logoArtificial Liquid Intelligence (ALI)€0.0199392-2.74627%35.3994%
0Alita Network coin logoAlita Network (ALITA)€0.000017240%0%c
718AirDAO coin logoAirDAO (AMB)€0.007142260.709147%-11.1736%
0Anchor Neural World coin logoAnchor Neural World (ANW)€0.000556790%-87.2976%OKX
679Altered State Machine coin logoAltered State Machine (ASTO)€0.0331225-6.27073%143.524%
1809ATN coin logoATN (ATN)€0.01442530%0%c
2619bAlpha coin logobAlpha (BALPHA)€20.13-4.34074%24.6329%Uniswap (v2), Bilaxy
1613Big Data Protocol coin logoBig Data Protocol (BDP)€0.11341419.0547%-8.73065%
0bitgrit coin logobitgrit (BGR)€0.0613060%0%c
0Bit Miner Chain coin logoBit Miner Chain (BTMC)€0.000044460%0%
2893Bottos coin logoBottos (BTO)€0.000354531.00988%-20.1355%
0Bitsou coin logoBitsou (BTU)€0.00027120%0%c
0BitClave coin logoBitClave (CAT)€0.000053310%-32.675%
2080Cindicator coin logoCindicator (CND)€0.00054214-9.35096%-38.5358%
0Connectome coin logoConnectome (CNTM)€0.00093422-17.8132%36.8901%
2713CPChain coin logoCPChain (CPC)€0.000725820%-33.1225%
276Covalent coin logoCovalent (CQT)€0.172129-9.34631%21.1934%
0Davinci Coin coin logoDavinci Coin (DAC)€0.000004910%0%
3327Datum coin logoDatum (DAT)€0.00008290%0%c
757Streamr coin logoStreamr (DATA)€0.02538042.64701%-0.888686%
3668DATx coin logoDATx (DATX)€0.000002160%18.3021%
1287DeepBrain Chain coin logoDeepBrain Chain (DBC)€0.001705565.09966%-8.30251%
0EncrypGen coin logoEncrypGen (DNA)€0.006020283.57802%-24.7838%Coinmetro, Sushiswap
3312DATA coin logoDATA (DTA)€0.000003390%-84.0437%Huobi
0DxChain coin logoDxChain (DX)€0.00008757-9.54202%-14.6666%
0Elamachain coin logoElamachain (ELAMA)€0.000191080%0%
3370Faceter coin logoFaceter (FACE)€0.000095450%0%c coin (FET)€0.4905756.70556%40.0889%
2929GeoDB coin logoGeoDB (GEO)€0.00122023-2.30232%50.3159%Osmosis, Uniswap (v2)
1584GraphLinq Protocol coin logoGraphLinq Protocol (GLQ)€0.00866895-8.30732%11.9275%
49The Graph coin logoThe Graph (GRT)€0.132176-1.47937%32.0165% coin (HEART)€0.01157470.565728%3.84659%
0HUMAN Protocol coin logoHUMAN Protocol (HMT)€0.0446074-2.81371%-8.44537%
0Iagon (IAG)€0.0739024.37035%39.7993%
627Image Generation AI coin logoImage Generation AI (IMGNAI)€0.0377433-3.28548%-7.24092%
665INSTAR coin logoINSTAR (INSTAR)€0.0129611-33.894%-53.4381%
1965Kambria coin logoKambria (KAT)€0.0008324315.2514%-33.1106%KuCoin, Uniswap (v2)
1586Lambda coin logoLambda (LAMB)€0.0016096628.3366%25.7312%
1716iMe Lab coin logoiMe Lab (LIME)€0.005206634.11995%1.49485%
0Mindsync coin logoMindsync (MAI)€0.003034950%-0.208638%Uniswap (v3), OpenOcean, BitGlobal
999Matrix AI Network coin logoMatrix AI Network (MAN)€0.02453860.108335%59.4506%
1325Unmarshal coin logoUnmarshal (MARSH)€0.09646-0.95683%29.3821%
0MineBee (MB)€0.000094620%0%c
477Measurable Data coin logoMeasurable Data (MDT)€0.0809615.2686%82.8273%
0MetamonkeyAi coin logoMetamonkeyAi (MMAI)€0.00008678-0.231553%-36.2908%Uniswap (v2), BitMart, ProBit Global, LBank, BKEX
3539Mercor Finance coin logoMercor Finance (MRCR)€0.000473890.45907%-11.2193%PancakeSwap (v2), Bilaxy
328Numeraire coin logoNumeraire (NMR)€140.511048%4.09847%
2851Neuro NTK coin logoNeuro NTK (NTK)€0.001553270%0.90537%
212Ocean Protocol coin logoOcean Protocol (OCEAN)€0.391909-1.32621%8.47428%
474Oraichain coin logoOraichain (ORAI)€3.410.892474%4.39164%
0Project Pai coin logoProject Pai (PAI)€0.00027050%0%c
0CryptoPing coin logoCryptoPing (PING)€0.0600070%0%c
0PixiaAI coin logoPixiaAI (PIXIA)€0.000375780%13.016%Uniswap (v2)
0Qubitica coin logoQubitica (QBIT)€0.1028430%0%Uniswap (v3)
1998Raven Protocol coin logoRaven Protocol (RAVEN)€0.0002774920.212%-25.4698%PancakeSwap (v2)
2636Raze Network coin logoRaze Network (RAZE)€0.00523162-5.43035%52.6005%
0RoboCalls coin logoRoboCalls (RC20)€0.000002880%0%c
0Seele coin logoSeele (SEELE)€0.000021770%0.0165949%
0Silverway coin logoSilverway (SLV)€0.000094590%0%c
0SophiaTX coin logoSophiaTX (SPHTX)€0.000081250%0%c
3443TapX coin logoTapX (TAP)€0.001234710%15.2024%Uniswap (v2)
0Teslafan coin logoTeslafan (TESLF)€0.0154770%0%
766Vectorspace AI coin logoVectorspace AI (VXV)€0.497184.01262%67.3852%Uniswap (v3), KuCoin, Shibaswap, Coinmetro, ProBit Global
1513Robonomics Network coin logoRobonomics Network (XRT)€1.98-5.85558%21.3554%Uniswap (v2), Huobi, Hotbit, Uniswap (v3), Kraken, Polkaswap, Bilaxy, OpenOcean
1184Zus coin logoZus (ZCN)€0.141578-5.08482%54.3659%
3001Zeusshield coin logoZeusshield (ZSC)€0.0000763-3.57685%23.5184%

What are AI and Big Data cryptocurrencies?

Artificial intelligence can potentially change the way we do business, and revolutionize the sector, helping to accelerate new technologies, and create new type of networks never seen before.

AI cryptos are cryptos connected to the Artificial Intelligence (AI) industry.

AI and Big Data cryptocurrencies offer resources to both data scientists as well as developers and help leverage their skills in order to benefit the communities.

AI tokens merge blockchain tech with AI tech.

Obviously, all AI cryptos are different. Some of them help create marketplaces for buying and selling AI algorithms. Others, at the same time, take advantage of AI to parse big data to help make predictions.

One thing is pretty certain - AI is something we will hear about a lot in the future.

What is the best known AI crypto?

It's hard to say which is the very best AI cryptos, but a few AI cryptos worth mentioning are (FET), SinglularityNET (AGIX), and Ocean Protocol (OCEAN).

Where can you buy AI and Big Data cryptos?

You can buy AI cryptocurrencies in most crypto exchanges. But just to mention a few of them: