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Cryptolorium > Exchanges > Exchange Review Exchange Review is a trustworthy cryptocurrency exchange with more than 8 million active users. offers its users access to around 1500 different cryptos – both popular coins and new cryptocurrencies. Our review will give you a glimpse at everything you need to know – registration process, KYC, fees, information about products that allow you to earn from your cryptos, pros and cons, and much, much more.

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Exchange name
8 Million
George Town, Grand Cayman
Not available
Licenses tries to follow the regulation of each country individually.
Number of employees
Exchange card
Maximum leverage
Payment options
Crypto, Buy crypto directly with credit card, transfer or via P2P
Fiat deposit
Fiat withdrawal
Instant buy with fiat
Card payment
Paypal payment
SEPA payment
SWIFT payment
Apple Pay
Google Pay
Fees fees are very competitive
Fiat deposit/withdrawal fees
Fiat payments are not available.
Instant buy fees
Transaction fees (maker/taker)
0.2% / 0.2 %
Fee discounts
If you pay the fees with KCS, you pay 30%-70% less trading fees.
Crypto withdrawal fees
Bitcoin: 0.001 BTC
Ethereum: 0.0069 ETH
Tether: 40 USDT
Binance Coin: 0.0052 BNB
Cardano: 1.9 ADA
Solana: 0.052 SOL
Ripple: 3.2 XRP
Polkadot: 0.11 DOT
Dogecoin: 20 DOGE
Shiba Inu: 1100000 SHIB
Stellar: 0.01 XLM
Litecoin: 0.018 LTC
KYC info
KYC details
You need to go through KYC process before you can make a withdrawal.
KYC requirement level
Users accepted without KYC?
Spot Trading
Margin Trading
Futures Trading
Trading bots offered
Maximum offered leverage
Market order
Limit order
Stop limit order
Stop market order
Trailing Stop order
Post Only order
Strategy order
Time-in-force order
Iceberg order
Conditional order
Crypto staking
Liquidity mining
Learn to Earn
Crypto lending
US traders accepted
UK traders accepted
Japanese traders accepted
Aussie traders accepted
Other details
Services for USA/Canada/Japanese can be limited.
Allowed countries
More than 200 countries
Restricted countries
Bosnia and Herzegovina, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq, Syria, The Crimean region, Cuba, Uganda, Vanuatu, Yemen
$100 in points - Get $100 in Points & claim up to $5500 worth of USDTest. – cryptocurrency exchange with thousand cryptos

What is exchange? is a cryptocurrency exchange that was initially launched back in 2013 under the name Bter.

In this review we will try to take a look at everything has to offer, from sign up process to coins list to verification process and much more.

It’s one of the oldest Chinese crypto exchanges that rebranded itself as in 2017. Since the ban of cryptos by the Chinese government Gate.i is a US based company.

When it comes to numbers, has more than 80 million users world-wide (number of active accounts is obviously lower), the crypto exchange has a trading volume of more than $12 billion and you can trade roughly 1500 cryptos. is currently accessible from more than 220 countries. has now been in business for more than 8 years and is one of the top 10 crypto exchanges in the world.

So anyone wondering if is a good exchange, the number should speak for themselves.

Get bonus upon registration! offers new users the option to complete tasks and get up to $100 in points. Those points can then be use to lower your trading fees. sign up bonus also also includes up to $5500 USDTest to earn interest for it for a week.

Check for more details on

Use our referral code to join and you can also get 10% off your trading fees. In order to use our referral, just click here.

This promo code has been coded in the link and you do not need to write any invite code yourself on page. safety and regulation

As with most cryptocurrency exchanges, is mainly a self-regulating crypto exchange.
However, considering its size, can be considered a very trustworthy exchange.

Is safe to use?

How safe is In 2022 can definitely be considered a safe and trustworthy bitcoin exchange.  Or rather, crypto exchange, considering their very wide variety of cryptos.

Back in the day, in 2015, when was still operating in China, they did suffer a hack during which 7000 BTC was stolen.

But right now, if anyone asks if can be trusted, the answer would be yes. is a safe exchange.

Is trustworthy? stores most of the assets in cold wallets, keeping only a small amount of the currencies in hot wallets. This ensures the safety of assets and at the same time makes it possible to offer fast withdrawals. trustworthy exchange where we are trading ourselves as well. Account security options

  • When signing up for, you need to set up multiple security levels.
  • Your regular username and password
  • Two-factor verification which can be done with Google Authenticator option or your phone number.
  • Fund password, which you need to use whenever you want to make a trade or withdrawal

Your regular password and Fund password can’t be the same for security reasons.

Here is the list of all account protection options:

  1. Login verifications
  2. Two-factor authentication (2FA) with Google Auth
  3. 2FA with SMS
  4. Fund withdrawal password
  5. Anti-Phishing code
  6. Blind IP logins

Which countries does accept people from? supported countries list is more than 220 countries long. So it’s open to people from pretty much around the world. There are only a few exceptions and people from a few countries can trade in, but their access to some services is limited.

Can people from USA, Canada, and Japan use

Can you use in America and Canada?

As of 2021, people from USA, Canada, and also Japan can join and trade on

However, service to those countries is somewhat limited.

For those markets the number of available coins to trade is slightly lower and people from those countries might also not be able to access services like lending, margin trading, and perpetual contract trading.

Countries where is banned

Additionally, the residents from the following countries are not allowed on at this time:

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina
  • Democratic People’s Republic of Korea
  • Ethiopia
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Syria
  • The Crimean region
  • Cuba
  • Uganda
  • Vanuatu
  • Yemen exchange details

Where is located and who owns Let’s look at that and other details below.
Year established: 2013, rebranded in 2017 owner: Gate Technology Inc, located it Virginia, USA
Number of Employees: 51-200
Number of Cryptos: ~1500
Founder and CEO: Han Lin
Number of accounts: Over 8 million
Official website:
Headquarters: George Town, Grand Cayman

How does work? functions pretty much the same way as any other cryptocurrency exchange. You can use to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies. But in addition to that has a lot of other features as well.

Compared to many other exchanges, in fiat deposits are not accepted. But as you’ll learn below, you can still buy cryptos with credit card or even paypal.

Where can I find coin list? has hundreds, or actually around 1500 cryptocurrencies that you can trade. You can find the most up-to-date coin listing on website. But you can also find coin list here.

BTW! We have also put together a neat page that displays live prices today, I mean all of them. And you can compare different crypto price changes as simply as clicking on the table headings.

If you’re looking for new coin listings, then visit our new cryptocurrencies page – as you will notice, most of the cryptocurrencies there are available in

Additionally, you can find 25 new listings added below.

Top 25 new listings

All prices are in EUR.
Current Price
Week Change %
Added to Cryptolorium
Current Price
Week Change %
Added to Cryptolorium
Current Price
Week Change %
Added to Cryptolorium
Current Price
Week Change %
Added to Cryptolorium
Current Price
Week Change %
Added to Cryptolorium
Current Price
Week Change %
Added to Cryptolorium
Current Price
Week Change %
Added to Cryptolorium
Current Price
Week Change %
Added to Cryptolorium
Current Price
Week Change %
Added to Cryptolorium
Current Price
Week Change %
Added to Cryptolorium
Current Price
Week Change %
Added to Cryptolorium
Current Price
Week Change %
Added to Cryptolorium
Current Price
Week Change %
Added to Cryptolorium
Current Price
Week Change %
Added to Cryptolorium
Current Price
Week Change %
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Current Price
Week Change %
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Current Price
Week Change %
Added to Cryptolorium
Current Price
Week Change %
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Current Price
Week Change %
Added to Cryptolorium
Current Price
Week Change %
Added to Cryptolorium
Current Price
Week Change %
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Current Price
Week Change %
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Current Price
Week Change %
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Current Price
Week Change %
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Current Price
Week Change %
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Current Price
Week Change %
Added to Cryptolorium
2024-03-21 upcoming listings can be found on their website under “More” → Announcements → Votes tab.

Payments on platform

Compared to many other exchanges, is mainly crypto to crypto exchange. This means that does not accept fiat deposits. However, this does not mean that you cannot buy crypto on for fiat. We’ll explain that in a moment.

But in general, to trade in you want to transfer cryptocurrency from another exchange or crypto wallet to exchange first.

We have found that it’s the cheapest to do with something like USDT.

While you can not deposit fiat currencies to exchange directly, you can use your credit card to buy crypto currencies for fiat currencies like U.S. dollar (USD), Euro (EUR), or British pound (GBP).

You can find details about payments below, but we have also put together separate pages about how to deposit in and how to withdraw from

And before we go to deposits and withdrawals in general, is also offering cheap as well as free crypto transfers between accounts. So let't talk about Push transfers and Gatecode first. Push Transfers

If you want to sell cryptocurrencies to a friend or someone else with minimum fee, then push transfers are for you. The only requirement to make a push transfer is that the other person needs to have account as well.

Using Push Transfer option to make a trade costs you just 0.2% trading fee. And you can push any cryptocurrency to the other user.

Push transfers

Making a push transfer is easy.

  1. Just go to Deposits page
  2. Click push transfer
  3. Fill in the other user's UID
  4. Enter the email or phone number of the other user
  5. Choose the currency and amount you want to send the other user
  6. Choose the currency and amount you want to get back
  7. Submit the form

Free transfers to other users using Gatecode

If you want to send money to someone without wanting anything back, you can use Gatecode.

Making a one-way transfer using gatecode is totally free.

How to use gatecode?

Gatecode withdrawals

Gatecode withdrawal

All you need to do to make a gatecode withdrawal is:

  1. Go to withdrawal page and click "To Gatecode".
  2. Choose currency
  3. Fill in the amount
  4. Verify the withdrawal

Now you will get the gatecode that you can share with the other person you want to send money to.

Redeeming Gatecode

The other person needs to go to Deposits and click Redeem Gatecode in the left-side menu. And paste the Gatecode you sent them.

Reedeming gatecode

Once they click submit, the free crypto transfer has been completed.

How to deposit money on

How to fund your account? deposits

As we mentioned, the easiest way to deposit on is from another exchange or crypto wallet. So this assumes you already have cryptos somewhere.

  1. ​Now just log in to
  2. Go to your Wallet
  3. Choose crypto to deposit
  4. Choose Network to do it in
  5. Get the blockchain address and send cyrptocurrencies to this address

How to buy crypto for fiat in

In addition to crypto to crypto deposits, it is possible to use fiat money in as well.

So, how to buy crypto on

You can buy crypto for:

  • Credit cards
  • Bank Transfer
  • P2P Trade

Keep in mind that you can not deposit fiat, but you can use any of those methods to directly buy crypto with fiat.

Buy crypto with credit card

If you want to use to deposit fiat, then it’s not possible, but at the same time it’s possible. This means that depositing fiat in is not possible, BUT you can BUY crypto with your card directly.

Crypto with credit card

If you want to buy crypto with credit card on, log in to your account by clicking ''Buy Crypto" (find the tab top-left) and selecting "Credit Card" on the top menu.

Then all you need to do is enter the amount of fiat you want to spend and select the crypto that you want to buy.

After that you need to choose the"Service Provider" and click the"Place Order".

On the checkout page select the "Buy Crypto" or the "Create Order" button to complete the payment.

Next you will need to pass the Identity Verification make the purchase.

Besides USD, EUR and GBP you can also buy crypto for the following currencies: AUD (Austrialian dollar), CAD (Canadian dollar), CZK (Czech koruna), DKK (Danish krone), EUR (Euro), GBP (Pounds sterling), HKD (Hong Kong dollar), NOK (Norwegian krone), PLN (Polish zloty), RUB (Russian ruble), SEK (Swedish krona), TRY (Turkish lira), USD (US dollar), INR (Indian rupee), JPY (Japanese yen), UAH (Ukrainian hryvna), NGN (Nigerian naira), KES (Kenyan shilling), ZAR (South african rand), GHS (Ghanaian cedi), TZS (Tanzanian shilling), UGX (Ugandan shilling), BRL (Brazilian real) .

Please note that the third-party service providers to charge a fee.

How to withdraw from

Withdrawing money from platform works exactly the same way as deposits. You just need to have a crypto wallet where you can send the cryptos.

Withdrawing money from to bank account is not possible. Although there might be an option for that using P2P trading option.

Note that you will need to use your fund password to make a withdrawal.

What is fund password?

When you sign up for exchange, you need to choose a separate password for trading and withdrawing money from

That’s an added security level.

So whenever you want to trade or withdraw, you need to use that password.

So keep it safe!

How much does charge for deposits and withdrawals?

Deposits are free in, you just need to pay for the transaction costs.

But withdrawal fees depend on the currency. Some withdrawal fees are lower than on other exchanges while some other higher.

For example, BTC withdrawal fee is quite high, 0.001 BTC (compared to Binance, where it is 0.0005 BTC). LTC withdrawal fee is 0.013. Tron (TRX) withdrawal fee is 1 TRX.

So before withdrawing cryptocurrencies from, we recommend you to check which is the cheapest option for you.

Does exchange have a withdrawal limit?

Yes. While there are no limits on deposits, withdrawal limit depends on the cryptocurrency.

For example:

Withdrawal limit per DAY
100,000 USDT
100 BTC
1,000 BCH
3,000 ETH
10,000 LTC
1,000 ZEC
Ethereum Classic (ETC)
20,000 ETC
1,000 DASH
100,000 QTUM
50,000 ADA

You can learn more about it on deposits & withdrawals page. minimum withdrawal depends on the cryptocurrency as well, but it’s generally low enough.

Trading on platform

One thing that you should be aware of when trading on platform is that does not offer market order option.

So you are limited to limit order option.

This means that it might take slightly longer in for the transaction to finalize. And sometimes, when you want to get the trade done quicker, it makes sense to set the price 1% higher/lower than the market price. offers its users a number of trading bots to help you try earn passive income from your cryptos.

You can read more about trading bots here. platform overview – where do I find what I need? platform might initially look slightly more complicated than say, Binance. But in general, you can still find everything quite easily in

Of course, compared to Binance, has a lot more options and at first glance it might look complicated.

However, by the end of the day, you can still find everything you need easily from the top menu.

Wallet & account – you can find everything related to your wallet and account after you have signed up and logged in under „Wallet” tab and profile icon. menu

Both of these can be found on the top-right menu.

Deposit – if you want to deposit crypto, you can find that option under Wallet → Deposit

Buy Crypto – if you want buy crypto using your credit card, P2P option or bank transfer, you can find the link to do it on the top left corner of the platform. Earn – if you want to find the page where you find all option to put your crypto to earn for you, click the “Finance” tab in the top menu bar. Additionally you can find the Financial Account information also under the “Wallet” tab. And to find any kind of bonuses and related, click on the “Giveaways” tab.

Trading – For spot trading click the “Trade” tab and choose “Spot trading”. You can switch between Standard and Professional view. While logic might tell you that Standard should be the easier option, in our experience the Professional view might actually be slightly more intuitive. spot trading

Search cryptos – In Standard trading view you will see the search bar in the left menu. If you use professional trading view, click on the magnifying glass icon to search for a crypto. KYC – how to verify your account?

I’m aware that there are many people wondering if you can trade without verification in Simple answer to that is No. So if you're looking for an exchange without KYC, might not be for you.

When to sign up with, you need to go through their KYC process right away. It doesn’t take much time and it’s very straightforward.

Note that allows you to deposit without KYC, but you’ll need to complete KYC before you make a withdrawal.

So it’s safer to do it right after creating account. That’s because withdrawal limit without KYC is zero.

How long does account verification take?

Normally identity verification time shouldn’t be more than 24 hours. However, in most cases your account gets verified in a matter of minutes or just couple of hours.

Why and when should you verify your account?

As mentioned, you need to verify your account right after signing up. Otherwise you won’t be able to do pretty much anything.

Even if you are able to trade without KYC on, you can not make a withdrawal without verification. app

If you want to keep an eye on your crypto balances or trade using your mobile, then has a mobile app for that. app is available both for Android and iOS operating systems.

Is app good?

Based on what we have heard, mobile app provides similar functionality as their desktop crypto trading platform.

I haven’t used mobile app myself yet as their desktop crypto platform has been enough so far.

But once I start using their mobile app as well, I’ll definitely add some more thoughts about it here. Fees – how high are exchange fees? trading fees start from 0.2%. However, this fee goes down by 25% if you buy points and use the points to pay for the fees.

And it goes down even further, as low as 0.06%, based on your trading activities. fee tiers

There are also withdrawal fees which we have already talked about above.

Learn more about fees.

How do fees compare with other crypto platforms? crypto trading fees are not high, but neither are the lowest in the industry.

Binance base trading fees are 0.1%, Kucoin trading fees are the same, Coinbase base fee is 0.5%.

So in terms of fees is very good, but at the same time their fees are not the lowest.

How about withdrawal fees?

If we talk about withdrawal fees, then these depend on the cryptocurrency. Before doing withdrawals, make sure to do your homework and see which crypto you should withdraw.

If you’re dealing with huge amounts, then paying a 0.001 BTC withdrawal fee is fine. But if you want to withdraw just $100 or less, then consider swapping your BTC to USDT, LTC or TRX first for way lower withdrawal fees. Earn

Can you earn with your crypto in Yes, you can. financial products itself doesn’t actually call it “ earn” but rather you can find all these options under “Finance” tab. offers various options for you here. We’ll also introduce you the simpler ones – as some of them are too much for us as well.

HODL & Earn - staking

Hodl & earn is the first option you find under the “Finance “tab, and that’s pretty much staking feature. hodl and earn

You can lock a certain cryptocurrency for a specific time and earn interest from your locked cryptos.

For example, you can lock BTC and earn 0.9%APR, which roughly translates into 0.002% a day.

Or you could stake and lock POLYDOGE for 14 days and earn 100% APR. This is roughly 0.277% per day.

Crypto Lending offers you the option to lend out your crypto to other users. You cannot lend all cryptos, but the list of cryptos you can do that with is long enough. crypto lending

Crypto Lending is always done for 10 days.

How does crypto lending in work?

  1. You choose the crypto you’d like to lend out.
  2. You choose the amount you’d be willing to lend out.
  3. You choose the daily interest rate you want to charge.

Note that you can also see the offers by other users and can base your interest rate on that. In general, the asked interest rate varies between 0.01% and 1% per day.

Keep in mind that charges 18% from any interest earned.

Liquidity Mining

You can also choose to take part in liquidity mining and by providing liquidity for certain crypto, you indirectly become a market maker. Liquidity Mining

Some might say that liquidity mining is obtaining income from your idle cryptos with pretty much no risk, but there’s always some risk involved. We will talk about that in a moment.

Liquidity mining always includes two different cryptos. And in you need at least $100 worth of both currencies in order to participate.

For example Ethereum/USDT.

You would need to have at least $100 worth of both of these currencies for adding liquidity.

How do you earn with liquidity mining?

Your income comes mainly from the trading and handling fees paid by the traders.

Can you lose money with liquidity mining?

Generally you don’t lose money, but there’s something called impermanent loss. It’s when the price of one currency in your liquity pair changes a lot.

In a sense, you initial investment remains pretty much the same, but if, based on the previous example, the price of Ethereum should go up a lot, your ETH holdings in the liquidity pool go lower and USDT holdings go higher.

This means that you might lose out from the ETH price jump.

So with liquidity mining, the less the prices change, any direction, the safer you are.

Liquidity mining ALWAYS involves two crypto coins, and you earn income from transaction fees and incentives.

Single Asset Vault

Compared to liquidity mining where you need to add liquidity to a currency pair, offers also single asset vault where you add liquidity just with one cryptocurrency.

Single asset liquidity mining

Using Lending & Single-Asset Vault you earn from lending interest and you do not bear the risk of impermanent loss.

Cloud Mining

If you’ve always dreamed of mining cryptocurrencies, but it has always seemed too complicated or to expensive for you, then Cloud Mining is for you. cloud mining

Mine cryptocurrencies without buying hardware.

To start “mining”, you need to buy a mining contract, and start checking your income.

The contract prices start from around 40 USDT for 7-day contract with 21 TH/s hashrate.

In all honesty, we haven’t tried it ourselves, and we are not sure how it actually works or if it actually gives you any revenue.

Once we decide to test it out, we’ll let you know our cloud mining results here.

Can you lose money with Earn?

Whenever you have the option to earn something, there’s a chance to lose a bit as well. So depending on the exact crypto earn product please do pay attention to details.

And keep in mind the simple logical truth – the more you can earn, the more you can lose.

While it might not always be the case, you should always keep that idea in mind. Hodl & Earn option should generally be sort of a safe bet, but even here, the crypto value could go down during the lock-up period and the interest earned might not cover the price change. Then again, you still have more crypto with Hodl & Earn and prices change always. customer support

If you need to get in touch with customer service for one reason or another, you can send them an email to or submit a support ticket through their online support center. customer support number is not publicly shared on their website.

Pros and cons of using

What are the main plusses and main minuses of cryptocurrency exchange?

Extensive range of digital currencies available
Fiat deposits are not available
Mobile trading app available
Amount of features might make it look complicated at first
Most cryptos are stored in cold wallets
Some cryptocurrencies have higher than average withdrawal fees
Large trading volume

Secure platform

Relatively easy-to-use user interface

Relatively low crypto trading fees

Option to buy cryptos with credit card or bank transfer (through third party providers)

Lots of features

Other Questions you might have about

What else might you want to know about

Where can I find transaction history?

To view your history, do the following:

  • Log in
  • Click on your profile icon in the top-right corner
  • Click Spot orders
  • Click on "Trade History".
  • Click Download to export the trade history

How can I change my change fund password?

If you want to change your fund password, do the following:

  1. Click on the Settings tab on top of the page
  2. Choose Change fund password (you can find it in the left menu)

When changing your fund password, keep in mind that it needs to be different from your main password.

Why does have no market order option?

We can not say for sure why has no market order option, but our guess is the illiquidity. has lots of small cryptos with low volume and for them it makes sense not to offer market order option, considering it could end up costing you a lot.

Using platform - is simple to use?

Is good for beginners? We don’t recommend to total newbies. Simply because they lack the option to make fiat deposits and withdrawals, something that would make it really easy to use for the beginners.

But if you know at least something about crypto transactions already, is actually quite simple to use and we can definitely recommend it. uses quite similar interface as many other popular platforms. So it’s pretty intuitive and simple to use.

But compared to many other exchanges they offer higher variety of features and this can make things feel slightly more overwhelming at first.

How to get started in

If I decided to open an account in, is it easy? I’d say the process is rather straight-forward.
Here’s what you need to do to get started in

  • Sign up
  • Confirm Email
  • Go through KYC process
  • Secure your account with two-factor authentication
  • Download app (optional)
  • Make a deposit
  • Start trading

Conclusion – what do we think about

Is good? In my opinion is a perfect altcoin exchange with a very extensive list of less known cryptocurrencies.

Obviously you can trade all the popular cryptos here as well, but in our opinion’s biggest bonus is the fact that you can really find lots of new cryptocurrencies here.

While new and still unknown cryptocurrencies with low trading volume are very risky, these are also the cryptocurrencies which have the most potential in our opinion. offers many options to earn with your crypto and their trading fees are very comparable with other exchanges. website can look a bit overwhelming at first glance, but after getting used to it, it is very functional and easily usable.

Siim Einfeldt photo
Author: Siim Einfeldt
I became interested in cryptocurrencies only a bit more than two years ago. Since then I have been in investing in cryptos using different exchanges. And I also launched when I started trading, just to share my crypto journey and my results.

Quick answers to frequently asked questions

How high are fees? base trading fee is 0.2%.
Can you transfers crypto for free in
Yes! If you want to send crypto to anothe user, you can do it for free using gatecode.