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Meta Toy DragonZ SAGA (FXERC20) (FXMETOD)

What is Meta Toy DragonZ SAGA (FXERC20)? How much potential does it have? Where can you buy it? And compare its price movements with the world's most popular crypto.

FXMETOD price 2 hours ago
EUR Price
FXMETOD price changes
  24h change
0 %
  Change in one week
0 %
  14-day change
20.98 %
  Change in one month
16.49 %
  200-day change
-91 %
  Change in one year
0 %

  All Time High
€0.0537 (-91%)
  All Time Low
€0.00334 (+41%)

Details about Meta Toy DragonZ SAGA (FXERC20) cryptocurrency

Crypto name
Meta Toy DragonZ SAGA (FXERC20)
Crypto symbol
Amount of exchanges
1+ (click to see list)
Market cap
€908,026 ( 0%)
Total supply
Circulating supply
Liquidity score
Interest score
Maximum growth
Maximum price
These numbers are based on our maximum profit calculator, which simply calculates how much could the crypto THEORETICALLY grow BEFORE it would have to become more popular than Bitcoin.

Meta Toy DragonZ SAGA (FXERC20) price charts

14 days
30 days
200 days
1 year

   FXMETOD exchanges

You can buy Meta Toy DragonZ SAGA (FXERC20) from the exchanges below.
Quickswap (v3)   

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1) Quickswap (v3)

Compare FXMETOD and BTC performance

1h change0 %-0.949538 %
24h change0 %-1.22063 %
7 day change0 %-5.06517 %
14 day change20.98 %-3.1634 %
30 day change16.49 %-0.445153 %
200 day change-91 %77.0647 %
Year change0 %153.852 %

How big was Meta Toy DragonZ SAGA (FXERC20) trading volume within the last 24h?
Meta Toy DragonZ SAGA (FXERC20) (FXMETOD) last recorded volume was € 21.24.
How much has Meta Toy DragonZ SAGA (FXERC20) price changed during one year?
FXMETOD price has changed during the last year 0 %.
Is FXMETOD coin close to its All Time High price?
FXMETOD all time high price (ath) is €0.0537. Its current price is €0.00473033. This means that the difference between Meta Toy DragonZ SAGA (FXERC20) (FXMETOD) All Time High price and FXMETOD current price is -91%.
What is the maximum price Meta Toy DragonZ SAGA (FXERC20) (FXMETOD) could VERY theoretically reach?
FXMETOD has a current circulating supply of 191,958,336. Based on our calculation FXMETOD could reach up to €6285.73 before it would have to overtake Bitcoin. So in theory the potential for growth is 1328810x its current value (€0.00473033). However, keep in mind that the coin's actual potential is based on the value it provides to the user. So this is just a logical maximum potential price calculation for Meta Toy DragonZ SAGA (FXERC20) and in no way is it a prediction of any kind, far from it.
Where can you buy Meta Toy DragonZ SAGA (FXERC20)?
Meta Toy DragonZ SAGA (FXERC20) is currently listed on at least these crypto exchanges: Quickswap (v3) and possibly some others.