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Streamr (DATA)

What is Streamr? How much potential does it have? Where can you buy it? And compare its price movements with the world's most popular crypto.

DATA price 3 years ago
EUR Price
DATA price changes
  24h change
4.6 %
  Change in one week
19.66 %
  14-day change
40.07 %
  Change in one month
91.34 %
  200-day change
127.34 %
  Change in one year
165.59 %

  All Time High
€0.386 (-63%)
  All Time Low
€0.00422 (+3323%)

Details about Streamr cryptocurrency

Crypto name
Crypto symbol
Amount of exchanges
Unknown for now
Time of creation
Market cap
€100,915,359 ( 0%)
Liquidity score
Interest score
Unfortunately we don't have sufficient information to come up with potential maximum price.

WARNING: DATA price was last updated in our system more than a year ago. This means that there are problems with this coin, or for some reason our system has a glitch.

Streamr price charts

14 days
30 days
200 days
1 year

   DATA exchanges

You can buy Streamr from the exchanges below.
There are currently no known exchanges in our database where you can trade this crypto.

Streamr, the crypto

Streamr (DATA) is a decentralized platform that processes and delivers real-time data for various business applications. It operates on the Ethereum blockchain and utilizes smart contracts to facilitate the exchange of data between parties.

The point

The main point of Streamr (DATA) is to enable individuals and organizations to monetize their data in a secure, transparent, and efficient manner. It eliminates intermediaries and allows data owners to maintain control over how their data is used and who has access to it.

The problem

Streamr (DATA) tries to solve the problem of inefficient and centralized data marketplaces that fail to provide fair compensation to data owners. It aims to create a decentralized data economy where data can be freely exchanged and monetized while ensuring privacy and security.

We used an AI to answer three questions about DATA, so take this info with a grain of salt.

Compare DATA and BTC performance

1h change0.266128 %-0.0185146 %
24h change4.6 %-0.0693448 %
7 day change19.66 %-1.51194 %
14 day change40.07 %6.04398 %
30 day change91.34 %23.5468 %
200 day change127.34 %76.4374 %
Year change165.59 %117.582 %

How big was Streamr trading volume within the last 24h?
Streamr (DATA) last recorded volume was € 18208800.
How much has Streamr price changed during one year?
DATA price has changed during the last year 165.59 %.
Is DATA coin close to its All Time High price?
DATA all time high price (ath) is €0.386. Its current price is €0.1446. This means that the difference between Streamr (DATA) All Time High price and DATA current price is -63%.