Get up to $100 in points

Pay trading fees with free points offers new users up to $100 in points. Plus $5500 USDTest that you can earn with. offer
TRY IT$100 in pointsGet $100 in points and $5500 USDTest after your first trade! points can only be used to pay for your trading fees.

Offer Details offers new users $100 in points. Claiming the points isn't difficult - just complete beginners tasks and claim your points.

Those points can then be used to pay for your trading fees. And paying for trading fees with points is 30% cheaper than paying for your trading fees in a regular way.

Additionally you can also claim up to $5500 USDTest. This can be used in earn products. gives you free points every day

In addition to the welcome offer, you can also claim 0.2 points every day.

Just sign up, log in to your account. Click on your profile icon, choose "Giveaways" -> "Tasks & Bonuses".

Under the Daily attendance heading, press "Attend now". Just by clicking that button every day, you can get 0.2 points per day, plus extra points if you do that 7 or 30 days in a row.

Each point is worth $1 in trading fees.

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