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Get a mystery box worth up to $200! is running a campaign during which you can win mystery boxes worth up to $200. You get your first mystery box just by signing up and completing their KYC 2 verification. offer
TRY ITUp to $200 freeGet a mystery box worth up to $200!
The actual value of mystery boxes is random. You can get mystery boxes only if you go through KYC 2 verification.
Mystery box promo

Promotion details is running a promotion where you can win mystery boxes for completing simple tasks. The total prize pool is $1,000,000.

This promotion is active until October 30, 2022. Each promotion round lasts 7 days.

How to take part of the promotion?

  1. Sign up with using this link.
  2. Simply complete KYC 2 verification to get your first mystery box!
  3. Get your second mystery box by making a single order of at least $50 (both buy and sell orders counts). Only spot.
  4. Get your third mystery box by trading for a total of at least $500 (cumulative).

Other promotion details and requirements

  • In order to be able to open the mystery box you need to complete KYC 2 verification.
  • New users can get a new mystery box after each completed task.
  • Please note that if you complete task three (cumulative trading of $500) before you make a single trade with at least $50, you will only receive one mystery box.
  • One mystery box can be worth up to $500. It can also hold super tokens and NFTs.

Take part of the promotion here!

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Quick answers to frequently asked questions

How can I get up to $200 free from
Sign up with during this promotion and you can get three mystery boxes. Each of them containing up to $200.