Automate your trading with trading bots

Use trading bots and earn passive income offers you the chance to create tens of different types of automated trading bots. offer
TRY trading botsAutomate your trading with trading bots trading bots offer helps you automate your trading by offering you different types of trading bots.

There are multiple ways of using them.

You can check what bots other people are using and you can actually copy their trading bots if you want.

Or you can create your very own trading bots.

Types of trading bots offered

There are several different types of trading bots you can use.
  • Spot Grid bots
  • Futures Grid bots
  • Infinite Grid bots
  • Margin Grid bots
  • Spot Martingale bots
  • Smart rebalance bots
  • Combined indicator bots
  • Spot-futures arbitrage bots

Our favorite bots definitely Smart Rebalance trading bots. Simply because as long as you don't choose dead coins, those bots increase the amount of cryptos you have without needing you to invest more money into them.

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