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Find the best memecoins
Are you looking for memecoins? What are the world's best known memecoins? And what is a memecoin anyway? Read on to find out, and discover the best memecoins list below.
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Top 10 Memecoins

What are the best Memecoins? Find the top 10 Memecoins based on their market cap below.

RankCryptoPrice24h changeOne month changeExchanges
9Dogecoin coin logoDogecoin (DOGE)€0.057417-0.300995%-1.80291%
16Shiba Inu coin logoShiba Inu (SHIB)€0.00000686-0.127299%-7.8811%
180Baby Doge Coin coin logoBaby Doge Coin (BABYDOGE)€0.000000000956133-2.67988%-4.38422%
298Dogelon Mars coin logoDogelon Mars (ELON)€0.0000001216740.316007%4.7094%
350Floki Inu coin logoFloki Inu (FLOKI)€0.000006840.116138%-14.1538%c
673Kishu Inu coin logoKishu Inu (KISHU)€0.000000000168080.477856%-13.358%
742Shiba Predator coin logoShiba Predator (QOM)€0.000000023236-0.968812%-3.56781%
825Samoyedcoin coin logoSamoyedcoin (SAMO)€0.00273430.272438%-5.6629%
990Vita Inu coin logoVita Inu (VINU)€0.000000008506-0.387716%-5.23098%
1004CateCoin coin logoCateCoin (CATE)€0.0000001991430.694466%-6.17248%

All Memecoins

Here's the full list of Memecoins in Cryptolorium database. Please note that we are constantly adding new category tags to the cryptos in our databases and whenever you see a Memecoin on our site not marked as such, we welcome you to make the suggestion (you can find the button on each individual coin page).

RankCryptoPrice24h changeOne month changeExchanges
0Super Shiba coin logoSuper Shiba ($SSHIBA)€0.0000002157110%-5.33455%PancakeSwap (v2)
19131-UP coin logo1-UP (1-UP)€0.02166880%66.517%Uniswap (v2)
0Akita Inu coin logoAkita Inu (AKITA)€0.000000077202-2.8558%-5.89113%
0Australian Safe Shepherd coin logoAustralian Safe Shepherd (ASS)€0.000000000334346-0.995961%0.728189%
180Baby Doge Coin coin logoBaby Doge Coin (BABYDOGE)€0.000000000956133-2.67988%-4.38422%
1078Banano coin logoBanano (BAN)€0.00362014-2.30798%-11.1601%CoinEx, Sushiswap (Polygon POS), Sushiswap (Arbitrum One), Uniswap (v2), PancakeSwap (v2), Hotbit, SpookySwap, ApeSwap, ViteX, Mercatox, Unnamed
0Baby Cheems Inu coin logoBaby Cheems Inu (BCI)€0.0000000000404090%0%PancakeSwap (v2)
0Bill coin logoBill (BILL)€0.000010780%0%
2920Bobo Cash coin logoBobo Cash (BOBO)€0.0000004713840%0%
0Boss coin logoBoss (BOSS)€0.0000000018290%0%PancakeSwap (v2)
0Boxer Inu coin logoBoxer Inu (BOXER)€0.0000000000961310%-8.90738%PancakeSwap (v2)
2863Catbonk coin logoCatbonk (CABO)€0.0000000003469390%0%PancakeSwap (v2)
2337Mooncat CAT coin logoMooncat CAT (CAT)€0.0592431.87565%51.0747%Uniswap (v2), Bilaxy
1004CateCoin coin logoCateCoin (CATE)€0.0000001991430.694466%-6.17248%
2936CorgiCoin coin logoCorgiCoin (CORGI)€0.000010171.29968%-17.9415%PancakeSwap (v2)
0CoShi Inu coin logoCoShi Inu (COSHI)€0.0000000001953670%-16.1034%Uniswap (v2), Hotbit, Bilaxy, XT.COM
1473CumRocket coin logoCumRocket (CUMMIES)€0.0017619418.6422%17.304%
0Dogelana coin logoDogelana (DGLN)€0.000001510.601534%12.1448%Raydium
1882DogeBonk coin logoDogeBonk (DOBO)€0.0000000017811.30556%-10.9704%PancakeSwap (v2)
3452Dogs Of Elon coin logoDogs Of Elon (DOE)€0.000083210%3.04392%Uniswap (v2), Poloniex
1170The Doge NFT coin logoThe Doge NFT (DOG)€0.00051053-0.275687%-11.5631%
9Dogecoin coin logoDogecoin (DOGE)€0.057417-0.300995%-1.80291%
0Binance-Peg Dogecoin coin logoBinance-Peg Dogecoin (DOGE)€0.057172-0.811364%-2.05986%PancakeSwap (v2), Biswap, Nomiswap, ApeSwap, Mdex BSC, BabySwap
3628DogeFi coin logoDogeFi (DOGEFI)€0.01492790%0%Uniswap (v2)
1513DogeGF coin logoDogeGF (DOGEGF)€0.0000000000988161.10099%-10.0956%Uniswap (v2), Uniswap (v3), Sushiswap
0Dogus coin logoDogus (DOGUS)€0.000053060%0%c
0Donkey coin logoDonkey (DONK)€0.0000007963940%0%Hotbit coin (EDOGE)€0.0000000012520%-5.7519%PancakeSwap (v2), Hotbit
298Dogelon Mars coin logoDogelon Mars (ELON)€0.0000001216740.316007%4.7094%
350Floki Inu coin logoFloki Inu (FLOKI)€0.000006840.116138%-14.1538%c
0Floki Pup coin logoFloki Pup (FLOKIPUP)€0.0000000161510%0%c
3396Goatcoin coin logoGoatcoin (GOAT)€81.440%0%c
0Hachiko coin logoHachiko (HACHIKO)€0.000000000289810%0%c
0Harambe coin logoHarambe (HARAMBE)€0.00000950%0.326902%BKEX, Uniswap (v3)
0HODL coin logoHODL (HODL)€0.0000000007260%-95.9928%ProBit Global
1167Hoge Finance coin logoHoge Finance (HOGE)€0.00001074-1.47324%11.3969%
0Chihuahua coin logoChihuahua (HUA)€0.000000000507740%-2.60295%PancakeSwap (v2)
0IoTexShiba coin logoIoTexShiba (IOSHIB)€0.000001582.24967%59.0925%Mimo
0Jejudoge coin logoJejudoge (JEJUDOGE)€0.0000000001697630%0%Uniswap (v2)
0Jindoge coin logoJindoge (JINDOGE)€0.00000000017670%0%Uniswap (v2)
0Jomon Shiba coin logoJomon Shiba (JSHIBA)€0.0000000000037050%0%Uniswap (v2)
2862Kangal coin logoKangal (KANGAL)€0.000001221.46484%-9.37489%Hotbit, PancakeSwap (v2), Uniswap (v2), Sushiswap (Polygon POS)
2716Kawakami coin logoKawakami (KAWA)€0.0000001831080.108199%-16.569%Uniswap (v2), LBank
673Kishu Inu coin logoKishu Inu (KISHU)€0.000000000168080.477856%-13.358%
3460Kitty Coin Solana coin logoKitty Coin Solana (KITTY)€0.000028294.73447%32.8202%Raydium, Jupiter
0Kawai Shiba coin logoKawai Shiba (KSHIBA)€0.0000001628920%-1.67362%c
2102Kuma Inu coin logoKuma Inu (KUMA)€0.0000000055036.9194%10.3003%
0LiteDoge coin logoLiteDoge (LDOGE)€0.000005750.185879%52.8372%YoBit, FinexBox, Unnamed, Altmarkets
0Lets Go Brandon coin logoLets Go Brandon (LETSGO)€0.0000000027320%-15.8305%Uniswap (v2)
0Memecoin coin logoMemecoin (MEM)€0.00610371-0.238128%-19.691%KuCoin, Quickswap
3133Meme Inu coin logoMeme Inu (MEME)€0.000074950%-93.1666%Uniswap (v2)
2713Meta Doge coin logoMeta Doge (METADOGE)€0.00000000018095-1.82431%1.06801%Uniswap (v2)
2003MetaDoge coin logoMetaDoge (METADOGE)€0.00002665-1.85314%-61.3018%c
0MonaCoin coin logoMonaCoin (MONA)€0.381206-0.246628%1.22945%
1899Cake Monster coin logoCake Monster (MONSTA)€0.000103733.43309%-38.279%ApeSwap, PancakeSwap (v2)
1772Feisty Doge NFT coin logoFeisty Doge NFT (NFD)€0.00002176-0.280399%22.6027%Bilaxy, Sushiswap, BKEX, Uniswap (v3)
0PlutoPepe coin logoPlutoPepe (PLUTO)€0.0000000006160780.269288%0%PancakeSwap (v2)
1380PolyDoge coin logoPolyDoge (POLYDOGE)€0.000000003165-0.887501%-9.35646%
742Shiba Predator coin logoShiba Predator (QOM)€0.000000023236-0.968812%-3.56781%
0Fantom Doge coin logoFantom Doge (RIP)€0.0000000001330690%0%SpookySwap
825Samoyedcoin coin logoSamoyedcoin (SAMO)€0.00273430.272438%-5.6629%
0Sincere Doge coin logoSincere Doge (SDOGE)€0.0000000000017240.21805%-20.4759%PancakeSwap (v2)
3134SolDoge coin logoSolDoge (SDOGE)€0.0000065828.2081%-19.7003%
16Shiba Inu coin logoShiba Inu (SHIB)€0.00000686-0.127299%-7.8811%
0Shiba Fantom coin logoShiba Fantom (SHIBA)€0.0000000000001299770%-7.01624%SpiritSwap
0Shibaken Finance coin logoShibaken Finance (SHIBAKEN)€0.00000000000399-0.152767%-9.50471%Uniswap (v2)
0ShibaPup coin logoShibaPup (SHIBAPUP)€0.1515622.55158%-38.3107%PancakeSwap (v2)
0SHIBGF coin logoSHIBGF (SHIBGF)€0.000000000225359-0.106541%-26.7206%Uniswap (v2), Bancor (V3)
0Shiba Inu Mother coin logoShiba Inu Mother (SHIBM)€0.0000000003281490%67.1419%Mdex
0SHIBA BSC coin logoSHIBA BSC (SHIBSC)€0.0000000001560230%-2.13463%PancakeSwap (v2)
2623Shibavax coin logoShibavax (SHIBX)€0.000022430.725433%-12.4626%Trader Joe, Pangolin, Baguette
2805Shih Tzu coin logoShih Tzu (SHIH)€0.0000000001487460.102572%-1.34411%Bilaxy, Uniswap (v2), PancakeSwap (v2), LATOKEN
2030SafeMoon Inu coin logoSafeMoon Inu (SMI)€0.000000735135-0.269859%0.293136%Uniswap (v2), BKEX
0Schnoodle coin logoSchnoodle (SNOOD)€0.000003080%0%c
3557Solabrador coin logoSolabrador (SOLAB)€0.000001840%0%
0SuperDoge coin logoSuperDoge (SUPDOG)€0.00061837-1.5025%13.3636%
0Swole Doge coin logoSwole Doge (SWOLE)€0.00000190%0%Raydium
0IRON Titanium coin logoIRON Titanium (TITAN)€0.0000000253313.05505%8.8308%
3183UpDog coin logoUpDog (UPDOG)€0.0000000001321640.802184%-0.376116%PancakeSwap (v2)
990Vita Inu coin logoVita Inu (VINU)€0.000000008506-0.387716%-5.23098%
3575Vitoge coin logoVitoge (VITOGE)€0.0000000001800320%-1.28496%Hotbit
2132Woofy coin logoWoofy (WOOFY)€0.005730950%-0.528182%SpookySwap, Solidly
0YetiCoin coin logoYetiCoin (YETIC)€0.0000000000782720%-0.309588%Uniswap (v2), Hotbit
0YooShi coin logoYooShi (YOOSHI)€0.0000000360374.70791%3.29369%

What are Memecoins?

We all know what a meme is. Meme is a funny image, image and text, or a video, meant for rapidly spreading among internet users. Just because it's fun and it's good to share it.

Memecoins get their idea from just that - they are coins inspired by internet jokes.

The most popular memecoin, Dogecoin (Doge), was initially actually launched in 2014 just to make fun of Bitcoin.

While some memecoins can be as popular as some of the most popular cryptocurrencies, and these days you might actually be able to use them for payments as well, memecoins in general have no value, no product, no utility, and some of them can be just scams.

Memecoins are often bought just for the fun of it or just feel part of the huge memecoin community.

Value of memecoins depends a lot on how much momentum their concept is able top generate, but mostly it's just all about pure speculation.

What is the best Memecoin?

It's hard to say which is the very best Memecoins, but the most known, the most popular Memecoin is definitely Dogecoin (DOGE), a coin pushed a lot buy Elon Musk. Other well known Memecoins are Shiba Inu (SHIB),

Where can you buy Memecoins?

You can buy memecoins in all the best crypto exchanges. But just to mention a few of them:

Quick answers to frequently asked questions

What is a Memecoin?
Memecoin is a cryptocurrency that has been created just as a joke or based on a joke. Memecoins don't usuall offer any product or utility, and are just made for fun. That, of course, doesn't mean that it's not possible to make money with them.
What are the best known Memecoins?
Without a doubt the world's best known Memecoin is Dogecoin, closely followed by Shiba Inu.
How many Memecoins are there?
In our database there are close to 100 memecoins. But the actual number is definitely a lot higher.